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Adult and Higher Education (AHED)


Total SCH: 33 (Non-thesis)

A unique, interdisciplinary program with a singular focus - developing facilitators of lifelong learning! With more adults returning to college and engaged in higher-level learning in the workplace, the need is great for specialists who understand the unique learning styles of adults and how to achieve greater organizational performance by helping individual workers fulfill their potential. If you are interested in teaching or training adults, working with college students, or administering a community, educational program, this degree can advance your career potential! Our curriculum is focused on skills and knowledge the practitioner needs: Communicating, facilitating, designing workshops, teaching or training, program planning, assessing needs, and strategically planning for long-term organizational performance. It is ideal for those who want to teach in any workplace, community college, health organization, literacy organization, religious organization or other community forum. Students may tailor their program of instruction to a more specific field of application by selecting a Professional Focus Area - selected from HIGHER EDUCATION, HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT/ADULT EDUCATION, INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY, OR DISCIPLINE-SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION. The INSTRUCTION track prepares one to teach more effectively at the undergraduate level and can be selected from any graduate discipline offered at our campus or transferred in. The core curriculum of 21 semester credit hours provides fundamental knowledge and skills any adult educator needs to possess; this body of courses is based on guidelines of the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education. Delivery formats vary: offered completely on-line, evening/hybrid format, or held on 4-5 Saturdays during the term. Whatever format fits your learning style, the program can be completed in two years or less, if one can take 6 SCH per term. Each course challenges students to intellectually consider the intersections of theory, research and practice but supplies practical skills and personal competencies needed for success. The final components required for graduation are a passing score on the Graduate comprehensive examination taken during final term and successful completion of the graduate capstone course AHED 588, also taken in the final term. 

Unique Features of This Program and the TAMUT Campus

  • Small class sizes
  • Practitioner-based skills
  • Four Focus areas to choose from
  • Delivered to meet needs of working or non-working students - always blended between on-site evening classes/web, Saturday/web, or entirely on-line - we following a philosophy of building practical competence, not just theoretical knowledge
  • An Instructional Focus area for students desiring to teach at the undergraduate level (note: Most institutions require a minimum of 18 SCH in the discipline to teach at the undergraduate level)
  • Program can be completed in two years or less

What Careers are Available for our Graduates?

  • Training specialists in the for-profit or non-profit sector, such as manufacturing or healthcare
  • Staff positions or Leadership roles in the Community College or other higher education settings
  • Instructional Technologists
  • Curriculum designers or program planners
  • Literacy Instructors or Program Administrators
  • County Extension Agents
  • Military Trainers
  • Law Enforcement Trainers
  • Instructors for Adult Basic Education or English as Second Language

Degree Plan 

Adult Education Core - 18 SCH

Research Methods - 3 SCH

Professional Focus area - 12 SCH (areas include Higher Education, Adult Ed/Human Resource Development, Instructional Technology, or Discipline/Instruction)

 A list of specific courses for each focus area and the two-year rotation schedule are included in the curriculum link

Requirements for Full Admission into the Program (apply early and submit all documentation within first term)

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited university
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.5 on last 60 SCH of undergraduate coursework
  • Graduate Record Exam (note: scores can be no more than 5 years old at time of application; score record must be sent by Educational Testing Service. See www.GRE.org for more information
  • Three letters of career and academic recommendations - former faculty or professional colleagues that can attest to the applicant's academic and professional abilities
  • Resume and essay describing professional and academic background, career goals and intentions on how this degree is valuable to your career goals
  • Personal interview with program coordinator
  • Brief writing sample - complete in University Testing Center, 3rd floor of University Center

For more information, contact Program Coordinator/Advisor: GGreen photo

Dr. Gaynell Green, Associate Professor of Adult Education

STEM Bldg 309 J(after August 16, 2013), Phone: 903-223-3165 or gaynell.green@tamut.edu

  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
  • f: 903.223.3104
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