College of Education and Liberal Arts

Teacher Preparation Program Graduate Certification Admissions

Students seeking graduate certification must meet the basic requirements:

  • Complete application requirements at following directions on TK-20 Quick Guide.
  • Earned Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university
  • 2.80 Undergraduate GPA
  •  Application to a Master’s degree program.  See Graduate Studies for admission to degree program requirements. Two degree options below.  

Considerations for choosing appropriate Master's degree:

MS in Education /Concentration in Curriculum & Instruction
  • Requires additional CORE education course work beyond certification courses: ED 520, ED 547, ED 573, ED 590.
  • Requires completion of Comprehensive Exam on CORE courses month prior to graduation.
  • Appropriate degree for those seeking administration or curriculum coordinator positions in the future.
  • Usually best degree choice for EC-6 Candidates.

MS in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Requires additional CORE courses for degree: IS 595 (offered fall only); IS 596 (offered spring only, after IS 595).
  • Allows for 3 course content area for those seeking a total of 18 hours (6 courses) in content to teach Dual-Credit, AP or Community College. Graduate will have to complete 3 courses beyond degree.
  • May transfer in up to 12 graduate hours from other Universities.
  • Usually best degree choice for Secondary Candidates.

In addition, students seeking certification must apply for initial graduate certification on   Any questions regarding certification application should be directed to

For certification completion, graduate students are required to successfully complete the following four program components: 1) Course work, 2) Field Experiences, 3) Certification Tests, 4) Portfolio.  

Questions? Call 903/223-3044 or email