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Budget and Planning

FY 2014 Board Approved Budget

FY 2014-2015 LAR

Executive Budget Summary

Budget Board Members:

  • Dr. Doug Julien, Asst. Professor of English
  • Dr. Glenda Ballard, Dean, College of Education & Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Patricia Humphrey, Professor of Marketing & Management
  • Dr. Peter Racheotes, Professor of Counseling & Psychology
  • Dr. Ugur Tanriver, Assoc Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. William McHenry, Dean, Graduate Studies & Research
  • Dr. Emily Cutrer, President
  • Dr. Rosanne Stripling, Provost and V P Academic & Student Affairs
  • Ms. Vicki Huckabee, Chief of Staff
  • Mr. James Scogin, V P Finance & Administration
  • Ms. LeAnne Wright, Assoc V P Institutional Advancement
  • Mr. Jeff Hinton, Information Technology Representative
  • Ms. Elizabeth Patterson, Asst V P Success Center & FYE
  • Ms. Frankie Milligan, Staff Representative
  • Mr. Heath Coston, Student Representative
  • Ms. Veloria Nanze, Director of Budgets & Planning