College of Education and Liberal Arts

Teacher Preparation Certification Testing

Any student seeking teaching certification is required to pass a minimum of two TExES certification tests.

Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility (PPR) Test:  Students will be eligible to test upon admission to program, completion of ED 321 and mandatory Test Preparation. Texas Education Agency requires students to participate in 6 hours of test preparation prior to registering for the actual test (see Program Calendar for dates).  Once requirements are met, the student will be given permission to register to take the PPR Test by the Certification Officer.

Content Test(s): This test(s) is completed towards the end of the Field-Based Semester. Students are required to participate in a Content Test Preparation in which they take and analyze a practice content test prior to receiving permission to register for the test (see Program Calendar).  

Other required certification testing: Students seeking EC-6 Bilingual Generalist and EC-6 Generalist/EC-12 Special Education attend additional test preparation sessions to receive test approval for the BTLPT, Bilingual Supplemental and EC-12 Special Education tests. Contact advisor or Certification Officer for test information and preparation.

To register for PPR Test Preparation or Content Test Preparation, email Below is a list of Test Preparation Resources and downloadable PDF for TExES Test Registration.

Registration for TExES Test

Quick Start Guide for Testing Website

TExES Preparation Resources

TExES Test Preparation Workshops

Texarkana TExES Computer Test Dates

Setting Up TEAL Account - TEA ID#