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Tuition and Fees Descriptions

Statutory Tuition
Statutory tuition rates are set by the Texas Legislature.

Designated Tuition
A mandatory tuition for operations of the University, scholarship set-asides and building upkeep and improvements.

Student Service Fee
A mandatory fee distributed by the Campus Student Fee Committee for various campus services and organizations.

Student Center Fee
A mandatory fee for operation and maintenance of student centers.

Technology Fee
A mandatory fee to provide, operate, maintain and staff facilities and equipment that helps promote computer literacy among the entire student body.

Traffic Safety Fee
A mandatory fee to maintain and repair campus traffic controls.

Records Fee
A mandatory fee to combine drop/add fees, transcript fee, graduation fee and ID card fees and to support the offices providing these functions.

Fitness Center & Recreation Sport Fee
A mandatory fee to finance, construct, operate, maintain and improve recreational sports facilities and programs.

International Education Fee
A mandatory fee for international student exchanges and study abroad programs.

Library Fee
A mandatory fee for the ongoing operational expenses of the University Library.

Advising Fee
A mandatory fee for advising activities of all students at the University. 

Student Health Fee
A mandatory fee to provide for mental health services and health education. 

Student Endowed Scholarship Fee
A mandatory fee to fund a student endowed scholarship fund.

Admissions Application Fee
A mandatory fee for application processing.

Intercollegiate Athletic Fee
A mandatory fee to initiate intercollegiate sports and build sports facilities.
College Enhancement Fee
A mandatory fee to enhance teaching and learning.

Green or Recycling Fee
A mandatory fee to maintain a recycling program; including the purchase of receptacles, contract with the city, and student workers to oversee the program.