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Academic Probation & Suspension


Undergraduate students who enter with or drop below a 2.00 cumulative GPA will be placed and remain on probation until the cumulative GPA is raised to a 2.00 or above.  During the probation period, the student must maintain a semester GPA of 2.00 or higher.  Students placed on probation will be officially notified by the Registrar’s Office and a statement will be posted on the student’s transcript.  Students leaving the University on probation will be re-admitted on probation.  An official transcript must be provided to the Registrar's Office to remove probation status if the student attends another university and raises the cumulative GPA to 2.00.  Failure to maintain a minimum institutional GPA of 2.00 each semester while on probation will result in the student being placed on suspension for a period of one year,and he/she will not be eligible to re-enroll until such time period has elapsed.


Undergraduate students may be suspended from the University for one calendar year for failure to meet the terms of probation or for grade point deficiency. Students placed on suspension will be officially notified by the Registrar’s Office, and a statement will be posted on the student’s transcript indicating “Placed on Suspension.” After a period of suspension the student will be permitted to enroll again on probation.  Students on suspension from other institutions will not be admitted to A&M-Texarkana until their specified periods of suspension expires unless approval is given by the institution which placed the student on suspension. Students who wish to appeal the status of academic suspension may do so through the Dean of their college (see Admissions Rules and Procedures).  Early re-entry is possible only once with permission from the Dean of the college; then, the Dean of the college will forward the recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Only extenuating circumstances warrant such action.  A&M-Texarkana reserves the right to deny admission to a student suspended from another college even though the suspension period has expired.Note:  Enrollment restrictions as a result of suspension are imposed only at the end of the fall and spring terms.  Also, the graduate level Probation/Suspension policy can be found in the graduate section of this catalog.


Please fill out the following Academic Suspension Appeal: