Institutional Review Board

October 3, 2002

Meeting called by:  Dr. Tommie Hughes

Note taker: S.Garick

Attendees:  Dr. Tommie Hughes, Chair of Committee

Drs. Barry Nutter, David Allard, Chris McAllister, Jim Martin,  Shirley Garick

Absent:  Dr. George Parangimalil


1.  Dr. Hughes- Update on progress.

Dr. Hughes obtained the book and video materials.  IRB committee members are in
the process of reviewing both.  System does not have to give approval for TAMU-T
IRB policy. Earlier in summer, Dr. Hughes presented the policy/procedures/IRB
plan to the curriculum committee, who approved these items.

2.  Consideration of Training Guidelines

Protocols for committee and faculty training discussed.  It was decided to have
training with IRB video.  Dr. Martin proposed a 10-item multiple choice test for
video.  Dr. Allard’s motion: Before individual submission of proposal to IRB,
faculty must view tape & score 90% on Assessment test developed by the IRB.
Dr. Nutter seconded the motion.  Passed.

Discussion:  6 reproductions of the tape will be made for the departments of the

3. Consideration of Classroom Guidelines

Dr. Hughes presented the classroom guidelines.

Discussion: No formal application required but a consent form is necessary. 
Dr. Allard’s motion:  Adopt the classroom guidelines as presented with the
modifier of “for Human Subjects” to be added to the title.  Dr. Martin seconded
the motion:  Passed.

4.  Identify Regular Monthly Meeting day.                                                 

Discussion, Dr. McAllister’s motion:  The first Thursday of the month at 11:00 AM,
when school is in session.  Dr. Nutter seconded the motion:  Passed.

5.  Identify location of IRB records.

Discussion – IRB records currently in Dr. Hughes office under lock & key as
prescribed.  Dr. McAllister’s motion:  Keep records in Dr. Hughes office, with
copies in Dr. Johnson’s office subsequent to Dr. Johnson’s approval.
Dr. Jim Martin seconded.  Passed.

6.  New Business

Discussion regarding introduction of IRB to faculty.  Dr. Allard’s motion: 
Target November 8th faculty meeting for information dispersal & move
information onto website and exam onto website for faculty access.  Dr. Garick
seconded.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned.