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Guidelines for Tenure, Promotion and Pre-Tenure Review

Texas A&M University-Texarkana

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


The C-STEM Guidelines for Tenure, Promotion, and Pre-Tenure Review supplement Texas A&M University System (A&M System) Policy 12.01, Academic Freedom, Responsibility, and Tenure, Policy 12.02, Institutional Procedures for Implementing Tenure, and the Texas A&M University-Texarkana (A&M Texarkana) Tenure and Promotion Procedure UP12.01.99.H1.02 (Revised February, 2014). The University procedure states that “as a supplement to the criteria for tenure and promotion outlined in System policies, as well as any University rules and procedures, each college shall establish requirements and guidelines for tenure and promotion that apply to faculty working within that College”. These guidelines, in combination with the other two referenced documents, provide the criteria, expectations, and processes related to faculty tenure and promotion in rank within C-STEM.

1. Eligibility and Application Criteria to Apply for Tenure and/or Promotion
To be eligible to apply for continuing appointment (tenure) and/or promotion, a C-STEM tenure-track faculty member must meet the expectations and guidelines as established by the University as outlined in University Procedure 12.01.99.H1.02.

2. College Criteria for Tenure and Promotion
To be eligible for tenure, a faculty member must be a full-time employee of A&M-Texarkana holding an academic rank as assistant professor, associate professor, or professor and hired in a tenure-track position. Minimum university expectations and guidelines for initial tenure-track position appointment and/or promotion in faculty rank are as follows:

A. Assistant Professor
This rank is the typical entry rank for new faculty hired in tenure-track positions that have the required position-specific advanced degree and limited or no previous full-time experience in higher education.

B. Associate Professor
• A high level of accomplishment as measured against the contributions of contemporaries in the field with regard to university mission, resources, and responsibilities;
• Evidence indicating a commitment to maintaining the level of competence in teaching, service, and scholarly or creative activity expected of a tenured faculty member;
• Evidence of scholarship in the years prior to promotion, including at least two peer-reviewed publications (including at least one in a journal) in the faculty member’s discipline.

C. Professor
• An exemplary level of accomplishment as measured against the contributions of contemporaries in the field with regard to university mission, resources, and responsibilities;
• A record of excellence in teaching;
• Consistent evidence of scholarship or creative accomplishments in the faculty member’s discipline during the years prior to promotion, including at least two peer-reviewed journal publications in the faculty member’s discipline;
• A notable record of contributions to one’s profession, community, and university; and
• A minimum of ten years of total full-time teaching experience in an accredited college or university with a minimum of five years at the rank of Associate Professor.

3. Tenure and Promotion Committee
The C-STEM Tenure and Promotion Committee shall consist of three tenured faculty (with preference given to those closely related to the applicant’s area) that are serving in a rank that is at or above the rank being considered.

4. Procedure for Evaluating Faculty for Tenure and Promotion
Procedures for applying for tenure and/or promotion are outlined in UP 12.01.99H1.02 (1.12). The C-STEM Tenure and Promotion Committee will evaluate the faculty applicant’s portfolio. Upon request of the chair, the committee may view documents in the applicant's personnel file.

5. Procedure for Pre-Tenure Review
Faculty who have completed their third year of probationary status may undergo an optional pre-tenure review. Procedural and timeline guideline a pre-tenure review are detailed in section 1.14 of University Procedure 12.01.99.H1.02. Pre-tenure reviews are not required but are encouraged by the College.

6. Portfolio
When applying for tenure and/or promotion, faculty will submit a portfolio documenting excellence in teaching, scholarship and creative activity, and service to the Office of the Dean of the College. Applicants for tenure should include performance documentation since the date of their employment in a tenure-track position. Those applying for promotion should include documentation since their initial date of employment (if they were not previously promoted in Texas A&M University-Texarkana) or last promotion. The portfolio, at a minimum, must include the following information:

A. An application letter addressed to the Dean of the College that includes a statement of the action requested, a comprehensive summary of achievement, and an explanation of why those reviewing the application should grant the request. The letter should address the three main criteria upon which faculty are evaluated: teaching, scholarship and creative activity, and service.

B. A current curriculum vitae.

C. Documentation of assessment history: copies of all documents concerning the faculty member's performance reviews with the most recent first and in descending order.

D. Documentation of excellence in teaching: indications of quality teaching such as course outlines, sample materials, self-assessments, peer reviews, representative student work, and student course evaluations.

E. Documentation of scholarship and creative activity: copies of published work, presentations at conferences or other public forums and evidence of other scholarly activities.

F. Documentation of service: university, region/school, professional, college/department, community. Relevant reports, commentary, artifacts and/or outcomes.

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