Strategic Planning

Texas A&M University-Texarkana has a bright future! To shape that future and guide the campus community toward what it aspires to be, Texas A&M-Texarkana is embarking on a strategic visioning and planning process. Assumptions that will guide the process include:

  1. An understanding that the university’s mission—to (a) provide broad access to a high quality education, (b) facilitate student success, and (c) meet the needs of the region—is the key driver in our planning.
  2. A belief that the collective experience and wisdom of the campus community must inform our planning and that inclusiveness and transparent, ongoing communication are key to its success.
  3. An understanding that data informs our planning.
  4. An expectation that, in order to be effective, our strategic plan should have a short list of aspirational and measurable goals.



Strategic Planning Process

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