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Honors Program Forms

This is the location where you can download all the forms necessary to navigate your way through the Honors Program.  Below is a list and description of the various forms used by the Honors Program, as well as, a handy-dandy link where you can download the form you need. 

Honors Application

The current application available for download here. 

Honors Application (download)

Honors Advising Forms

Honors Advising Forms are here to help you make sure that you complete the Honors Program and remain in good standing.  The detail the classes you are required to take as well as space to enter the other courses you have taken for Honors credit.  4-year students complete a 24 credit hour cycle and 2-year students complete a 12 credit hour cycle.  On the second page, there is a spot for you to include the Colloquiums you have attended.  You are, of course, encouraged to attend more than one. 

Note: There are two forms.  One is for 4-year students and one is for 2-year students.  If you are a student who joined us in your sophomore year, you should use the two year form unless you specifically elected to take the 4-year route.

Honors Worksheet 2 year (Download)

Honors Worksheet 4 year (Download)

Honors Ad Hoc Credit Form

This is the form you need if you are taking a class that is not specifically designated as an Honors class.  The back side of the form explains all the procedures.  Essentially, it creates a contract between you and the professor for what work you will do to turn a class from a regular credit based course to a course taken for Honors credit.

Ad Hoc Honors Credit Form