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Resident Assistant Program: 

The Resident Assistant (RA) position focuses on enhancing the quality of life in the residence hall, including fostering community, providing academic support, and being attentive to safety and security of residents in Bringle Lake Village. The RA is more than just a friendly presence; she/he is the crucial link in creating an environment in which students develop independence and learn to live cooperatively with others. 

Resident Assistant Application Process: 

Those interested in becoming a Resident Assistant for the first time for the 2014-2015 academic year will need to pick up applications prior to December 12, 2013 and submit all forms by January 8, 2014. Everyone that has applied will be notified via email of the dates and times for the WINDOWs Process and Interview dates. It is required to attend both the WINDOWs and the Interview in order to be considered for the position. Hiring letters will be disbursed on March 7, 2014.

Current Resident Assistants will submit a letter of intent and participate in interviews during Winter Training. Hiring letters will be disbursed on March 7, 2014. 


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