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TPP Faculty/Advisors

Don't know who to call? Contact Debbie Hopkins 903-223-3044 or email education.department@tamut.edu

Dr. Glenda Ballard - 903-223-3073  glenda.ballard@tamut.edu   UC 254
Dean of College of Education and Liberal Arts 

Dr. Teri Fowler - 903-3038  teri.fowler@tamut.edu   SCIT 309K
Chair of Education Department and Advisor for Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction

Sara Langford - 903-223-3117  sara.langford@tamut.edu   SCIT 309G 
Director of Teacher Preparation Program and Advisor for EC-6 Students

Katheryn Hartshorn - 903-223-3048  katheryn.hartshorn@tamut.edu  UC 256
Teacher Certification Officer

Debbie Hopkins - 903-223-3044  debbie.hopkins@tamut.edu   SCIT 308
Program Support and Advisor for Graduate Initial Certification/Alternative Certification (ACP)

Jennifer Perez - 903-434-8357  jennifer.perez@tamut.edu  UHS Building, NTCC
Program Assistant, NTCC campus

Debbie Shidemantle - 903-223-3179  debora.shidemantle@tamut.edu  SCIT 310
Program Support, Clinical Faculty, Main campus

Ashley Brown - 903-223-3132 ashley.brown@tamut.edu  SCIT 309
Education Department Secretary, Main campus

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Elaine Beason - 903-223-3035  elaine.beason@tamut.edu   SCIT 309A
Special Education, Main campus

Laura Currey - 903-434-8322  laura.currey@tamut.edu   UHS, NTCC
Early Childhood-6th Grade (EC-6), Special Education, Bilingual and Secondary (Grades 7-12) Education, NTCC campus

Dr. Callie Fortenberry - 903-434-8355  callie.fortenberry@tamut.edu  UHS, NTCC
Program Coordinator/Advisor for EC-6 Generalist-6th Grade (EC-6), Special Education, Bilingual and Secondary (7-12) Education, NTCC campus

Dr. Gaynell Green - 903-223-3165 gaynell.green@tamut.edu   SCIT 309J
Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies w/Teacher Certification, Main campus

Dr. Martha Harris - 903-223-3086  martha.harris@tamut.edu   SCIT 309F
Special Education, Main campus

Dr. Sara Lawrence - 903-223-3095  sara.lawrence@tamut.edu   SCIT 309H
Secondary (Grades 7-12) and Early Childhood - 6th Grade (EC-6), Main campus

Dr. LuzMary Rincon - 903-223-3034  luzmary.rincon@tamut.edu   SCIT 309E
Bilingual Education, Main campus

Dr. Judy Sander - 903-223-3037  judy.sander@tamut.edu   SCIT 309B
Early Childhood - 6th Grade (EC-6), Main campus

Mailing Addresses:

Main Campus:

Texas A&M University-Texarkana
7101 University Avenue
Texarkana, TX 75503

NTCC Campus:

Texas A&M University-Texarkana at NTCC
2886 FM 1735 Chapel Hill Road
Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455

  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
  • f: 903.223.3104
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