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Parking Regulations

Date: Revised June, 2014

1. Introduction

The purpose of this regulation is to ensure the safe and orderly flow of vehicular traffic and to provide information as to parking procedures on campus. Pursuant to the authority granted by the Texas Education Code, Subchapter “E”, paragraph 51.201 – 51.211, A&M-Texarkana has established regulations and procedures applicable to anyone who walks, drives and/or parks a vehicle at the Bringle Lake campus.

2. General Provisions

The operation of any vehicle on the A&M-Texarkana campus is a privilege granted by the University and not an inherent right of any faculty/staff member or student. Each vehicle operator is responsible for knowing and following the laws and regulations in force. All faculty/staff and students who park on the University campus must purchase a parking permit from the University Police Dept, (UPD) or the Business Office in the University Center. Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking place on campus. The University is not responsible for fire, theft, damage to, or loss of any vehicle and/or its contents while parked or operated on University property.

3. Enforcement

All traffic laws and parking regulations at the Bringle Lake campus will be enforced by the A&M-Texarkana Police Department, (UPD).

4. General Traffic Regulations

A. The speed limit on the A&M-Texarkana Bringle Lake campus is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted and the parking lot speed is 10 MPH.

B. Parking and traffic regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

C. Parking spaces for the physically handicapped are reserved 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

D. Pedestrians shall have the right of way at designated marked pedestrian crosswalks. Pedestrians not crossing at designated crosswalks shall yield to vehicles.

E. All persons driving a vehicle on A&M-Texarkana property shall have a valid driver’s license.

F. All vehicles driven on A&M-Texarkana property must have a valid, properly displayed state license plate and safety inspection sticker, (if required by licensing state) as well as proof of liability insurance for their vehicle as required by state law.

G. The parking of any private vehicle on either A&M-Texarkana campus for the purpose of storage, repair or habitation (unless permission is secured from the UPD) is prohibited and is cause for removal and impoundment of that vehicle. The owner of any such impounded vehicle will be liable for the cost of moving, towing and storing. The University will not be liable for any costs or damages resulting from such removal and impoundment of such vehicle.

5. Parking Permits

A. Costs

1. All A&M-Texarkana employees and students that park a vehicle on A&M-Texarkana property must have a current parking hang tag. A&M-Texarkana parking hang tags can be purchased at the UPD in the Central Plant Building or at the Business Office in the University Center. Parking fees and fees for additional vehicles will be pro-rated as follows:

    • Fall though Summer $30.00
    • Spring through Summer $20.00
    • Summer only $12.00
    • Second vehicle permit $ 5.00 (Each person can only purchase one 2nd vehicle permit for $5.00. A 3rd and any additional permits go back to $25.00 each)
    • Replacement permit $ 5.00 ( This would include wrecked vehicles, purchase of a new vehicle and stolen stickers
    • Adjunct and Part-time employees (Non-Students) will pay a flat fee of $10.00. (All students must pay 30.00, even student workers.)

2. Hang Tags MUST be hung on the rearview mirror where they are visible. If a person has a hang tag and it is not hung on the mirror and they receive a ticket for not having a sticker, they will not be allowed to appeal the ticket. Permits on motorcycles can be put on the back of the motorcycle license plate so as to not affect the bike’s paint.

3. No refunds will be given for parking hang tags with the exception being when a student withdraws from the University before classes start and the hang tag still new. The intact sticker must be returned to the Business Office before a refund can be made.

B. Parking Areas

1. A&M-Texarkana employees and students with a current A&M-Texarkana parking permit, may park in authorized parking spaces at the Bringle lake campus, excluding the Bringle Lake Village (BLV) dorm parking lots. The BLV dorm parking lots are reserved for BLV dorm residents/staff with BLV designated hang tags. Staff, faculty and students with a regular hang tag are not allowed to park in the BLV dorm parking lots and will be ticketed if they do so.

2. Texarkana College students who are also enrolled at A&M-Texarkana can park at the Bringle Lake campus with a valid Texarkana College parking permit. Purchasing an A&M-Texarkana parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. LACK OF A PARKING SPACE IS NOT A VALID EXCUSE FOR PARKING ANYWHERE OTHER THAN AN AUTHORIZED, DESIGNATED PARKING SPACE.

3. Parking spots marked "Reserved Parking" are for designated individuals only; University President and Vice Presidents; Faculty Senate President and Staff Council President.

4. Visitor Parking is strictly for Visitors and staff, faculty and students are not allowed to park in these spots.

C. Lost or Stolen Permits

1. Theft or loss of a parking permit must be reported to the University Police Department as soon as possible. A $5.00 fee will be charged for all lost/stolen permits.

2. Parking privileges shall be suspended for one calendar year for any individual who displays a lost or stolen permit. In the case of a stolen permit, criminal charges may be filed and the permit will be confiscated.

3. The University Police Department may impound any vehicle that displays a lost or stolen permit.

D. Temporary Parking Permits

1. Any staff, faculty or student that has a vehicle with a valid permit and for some reason has to drive a non-permitted vehicle on campus may go to the University Police Department to receive a Temporary hang tag, valid for five (5) business days. A maximum of three (3) Temporary permits can be issued during any single semester.

2. Visitors should go to the University Police Department in the Central Plant Building at the Bringle Lake campus for Temporary Permits.

6. Driving and Parking Violation Charges

1. All parking fines must be paid within ten (10) business days of the date of the citation at the A&M-Texarkana Police Department. Texas A&M University-Texarkana Police Department Central Plant Building 7101 University Ave. Telephone: (903)-334-6611 or (903) 223-3114

2. Payment shall be made in U.S. currency. (Cash & checks) Unrolled coins will not be accepted for payment.

3. Any parking fine not paid within ten (10) business days automatically increases 50%.

4. The enforcement fees for violation of these regulations constitute an indebtedness to A&M-Texarkana. In the event that an individual fails to pay such fees, A&M- Texarkana will take any or all of the following actions:

a. Suspend the privilege of driving or parking on campus.

b. Block future enrollment to A&M-Texarkana.

c. Hold official transcripts.

d. Take disciplinary action against employees.

e. Immobilizing (booting) the individuals tire where the vehicle can't be moved

f. Towing the individuals vehicle

5. Anyone wishing to appeal a parking citation must do so, in writing, at the University Police Department within seven (7) calendar days of the date of the citation. [See Citation Appeals Procedure for complete information about the appeals process.]

6. Partial list of violations and fine amounts:

a. Parking without a valid permit - $10.00

b. Improper Permit Display - $10.00

c. Parking in a Reserved Space - $10.00

d. Parking in non-designated parking area – $10.00

e. Parking in Fire Lane (areas marked by red line on curb) - $50.00

f. Parked in Handicap space without a valid handicap permit - $75.00

g. All other parking citations - $10.00 h. All minor moving violations on campus - $25.00

7. The person who purchased the A&M-Texarkana permit is ultimately responsible for the payment of any citation the vehicle receives, regardless of who was driving the vehicle.

8. Serious moving violation citations will be written on State of Texas citations and will be handled in Texarkana, Texas Municipal Court. This can also include Handicapped Parking violations

7. Impoundment or Immobilizing The term “Impoundment” includes the removal, towing and storage of the vehicle in question. All Impoundment fees are the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle if no permit is on the vehicle. The A&M-Texarkana Police Department is authorized to impound or immobilize unattended vehicles on campus under the following conditions:

1. Having three (3) or more outstanding, unanswered, or unpaid citations.

2. Displaying a lost, stolen or unauthorized parking permit.

3. Unauthorized vehicle parked in a reserved space.

4. Parking in a “Fire Lane” which is designated by red lines or red curb.

5. Illegally parked in a “Handicapped” area or space.

6. Parked in areas where barricades, cones or traffic control devices have been ignored.

7. Parked on lawns, sidewalks or any other area that restricts vehicular traffic.

8. Parking on campus after privilege to do so has been suspended.

9. Blocking access to any building, loading zone, reserved or barricaded area.

10. Any vehicle obviously abandoned on A&M-Texarkana property.

11. Any other circumstance not expressly enumerated where public safety is threatened by the presence of the vehicle.

8. Appeals Procedure A&M-Texarkana has established a Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee for University citations. The committee has the duty of hearing parking ticket appeals from any person who feels that they were wrongfully ticketed. Anyone who receives an A&M- Texarkana citation may appeal the citation to the campus Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee within seven (7) business days of receiving the citation. The fine will be put on hold until the appeal process is complete. Persons making an appeal should follow the below procedures:

A. University citation appeal forms are available in the University Police Department or on-line, at the A&M Texarkana web site under the Parking Regulation section. The form shall be filled out completely and signed by the person making the appeal.

B. The committee will be notified of the appeal and a date will be set for a hearing.

C. If the appeal is decided against the complainant, the complainant must then pay the assessed fine within seven (7) business days of the date of the hearing.

D. The Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee will consist of the following A&M Texarkana employees and one student :

• Chief of Police; Student Services staff member; Faculty member General staff member; Student Affairs Council member. Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Vehicle Immobilization

1. Purpose

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure is to establish operations procedures and to maintain a consistent course of action for rendering vehicles immobile. In addition, it will standardize the paperwork needed and will prevent confusion on proper procedures.

2. Scope

This policy is applicable to all employees of the University Police Department and the Security Officers.

3. Definitions

A. Texas A&M University-Texarkana –referred to as A&M - Texarkana

B. University Police Department – referred to as UPD and also refers to any police officers or security officers employed by A&M - Texarkana

C. University Property – the campus and any other property owned or controlled by A&M - Texarkana

D. Owner – the owner/operator of the vehicle or the person that has control of vehicle

E. MITI – Immobilizer - referred to as the “boot”. F. “VI” – refers to the standard “Vehicle Immobilizer” form

4. Procedures

A. When a vehicle has received three or more citations violating the policies of A&M - Texarkana, then the UPD has the authority to render the vehicle immobile by utilizing the MITI- Immobilizer Once it is determined by the Chief of Police, or his designee, that a vehicle needs to be booted, the yellow Administrative Copies of all of the citations for the vehicle will be placed in the Open case folder in the UPD.

B. When such a vehicle is located on the A&M – Texarkana property the boot may be installed on the vehicle according to its instructions. The officer shall attach the neon Immobilizer Notice in a conspicuous place that a reasonable person would locate on the vehicle. After the boot is applied, the UPD shall complete the “Installed” portion of the “VI” form and it will be attached to the citations in the Open case file in the UPD. The officer will ensure that a new Incident number is assigned to the case.

C. When the owner of the vehicle responds to the UPD, payments will be processed according to standard procedure. If the owner of the vehicle cannot pay the fine in full, they will be offered the “Fine Agreement.” The owner must provide a valid state issued identification or the A&M - Texarkana student identification card. The “Fine Agreement” portion of the form shall be completed entirely by the UPD. If any of the citations are in reference to a no parking sticker then the agreement is contingent on the owner purchasing the standard $25 parking sticker at this time. The UPD will have the owner sign the “Fine Agreement” portion of the document and they will be given a photo copy of the “VI” document. After the payment has been processed and the “VI” form has been completed then the UPD will remove the boot from the owner’s vehicle. At this time the UPD will release the vehicle to the owner. The UPD shall verify that the “Removed” portion of the “VI” form has been completed, and this will ensure that all appropriate steps have been taken during the process and the incident has been properly closed.

D. If the owner defaults on the terms of the “VI” then the UPD has the right to immobilize the vehicle again utilizing the boot. The Chief of Police, or his designee, will determine if a vehicle needs to be booted for the second time. A new “VI” form will be attached to the yellow Administrative Copies of all of the citations and a copy of the original “VI” form and they will all be placed in the Open case folder in the UPD.

E. When the owner of the vehicle responds to the UPD, payments will be processed according to standard policy. The UPD will not remove the boot from the vehicle until any unpaid fines are paid in full. Once the fines are paid in full by the owner, the UPD will remove the boot from the vehicle. The UPD will only complete the “Removed” portion of the second “VI” form because the fine was paid in full and a payment agreement was not an option. The owner will not receive a copy of the second “VI” form.

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