College of Education and Liberal Arts

Point 3: Field Experience

Graduate students are required to complete 6 SCH of field experience for Standard Certification.  Upon program admission and completion of a two courses (usually ED 506/ED 508), students may complete field experience in one of two ways:

1)    Year-long Paid-Internship (Alternative Certification Program – ACP) - Obtain teaching position as first-year teacher.  Please note there is a supervision fee charged each semester.

2)    One semester of Clinical Teaching (Student Teaching)  - Spring Only

Those planning on completing via Year-long Internship call 903/223-3044 or email for requirements and eligibility for Probationary Certification. 

Those planning to complete field experience via Clinical Practicum are expected submit Notice of Intent for Clinical Teaching Spring between Sept. 1 and Oct. 1 of the Semester prior to beginning Field-Based Semester at TK20 . 

Questions? Call 903/223-3044 or email