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Honors Colloquium and Events

The Honors Colloquia are a series of scholarly talks and presentations offered throughout the academic year.  They provide a venue for Honors students and faculty to present their research, but also for the Honors program to bring speakers to campus from outside the university community. Click here to see pictures of all of our events! 

Spring 2017 Colloquium Schedule

January 26, 2017: Dr. Craig M Nakashian, Associate Professor of History
"A NEW KIND OF MONSTER....PART MONK, PART KNIGHT: Warrior Clerics in Medieval Europe" (Click here to view the presentation)

February 9, 2017: Dr. Rebecca Martindale, Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology
"SKETCHNOTING: A Visual Approach to Note Taking"

March 7, 2017: Dr. Doris Davis, Regents Professor of English 
"Male Composers-Female Muse"

April 4, 2017: Ms. Allison Colleen Johnson (Honors Program Student- History/English)
"Death, Duality, and Deconstruction: The Lively Lyrics of Conor Oberst"

April 11, 2017: Dr. Greg Hogan, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
"The Intercalation and Molecular Transport of Guest Molecules into Hydrogen-Bonded Metal-Organic Frameworks"


April 27, 2017

Jolley and Robinson            Click here to view video of Honors Program project by Lara Jolley and Alisa Robinson: Who came first?  The chicken or the cup?  The video documents a process to use artificial egg shells to cultivate chicken and duck embryos.
Allison Johnson Allison Johnson holds her original art that illustrates her Honors Program project theme:  Applying art to the study of the Oxford English Dictionary and early use of language related to Zombies.
Lindley Harris, a student in the Early Childhood to grade 6 teacher preparation program created an original children's book demonstrating the process for becoming a teacher  that can be used in elementary classrooms.
childress and nix
Amanda Nix and Kristen Childress worked with Discovery Place Children's Museum to align the museum's childrens's activities and stations to the state education standards for Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Fall 2016 Colloquium Schedule

October 4, 2016: Dr. Richard Parsons, Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance

"The Power of Economic Incentives in Shaping Our History" 

October 13, 2016: Ms. Amanda Nix (Honors Program Student EC-6) and Ms. Kristen Childress (Honors Program Student EC-6)

"Deepening Our Understanding of Educational Standards Through Collaboration of Pre-Service Teachers and the Discovery Place Museum (Texarkana)"

November 7, 2016: Ms. Allison Colleen Johnson (Honors Program Student- History/English)

"That Dragon, Cancer: Traces of Loss, Life, and Language"  
December 1, 2016: Dr. Ben Neuman, Assistant Professor of Biology
"Fighting Viruses by Tweaking Lipid Metabolism: Exploring the World of Designer Drugs that Could Keep You Thin and Virus-Free"

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