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STEM Faculty and Staff

Dr. David Reavis
Interim Dean of College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Office: STEM 104
Phone: (903) 334-6650
Email: david.reavis@tamut.edu

Dr. Nurul Alam
Associate Professor of Biology

Office: STEM 318E
Phone: (903) 334-6671
Email: nurul.alam@tamut.edu

Dr. David Allard
Professor of Biology

Office: STEM 219-A
Phone: (903) 334-6672
Email: david.allard@tamut.edu

Dr. Oscar Alzate
Associate Professor of Biotechnology

Office: SCIT 318 H
Phone: (903) 334-6703
Email: oscar.alzate@tamut.edu

Dr. Shihui Chen
Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Office: SCIT 318 B
Phone: (903) 334-6658
Email: shihui.chen@tamut.edu

Jenni Hedrick
Skills & Simulation Lab Coordinator

Office: SCIT 304
Phone: (903) 334-6699
Email: jenni.hedrick@tamut.edu

Dr. Hasan Ferdowsi
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Office: STEM 318 C
Phone: (903) 223-3181
Email: hasan.ferdowsi@tamut.edu

Dr. Greg Hogan
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office: SCIT 219 C
Phone: (903) 334-6673
Email: greg.hogan@tamut.edu

Dr. Md Abul Kalam
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office: SCIT 318 F
Phone: (903) 223-3175
Email: md.kalam@tamut.edu

Dr. Hye Jung Kang
Associate Professor of Physics

Office: SCIT 318 A
Phone: (903) 334-6670
Email: hyejung.kang@tamut.edu

Dr. Massimiliano Laddomada
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Department Head

Office: STEM 114
Phone: (903) 334-6655
Email: mladdomada@tamut.edu

Dr. Parag Lala
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Office: STEM 104D
Phone: (903) 334-6653
Email: parag.lala@tamut.edu

Dr. Kathy Missildine
Professor of Nursing, Director of Nursing, Associate Dean of STEM

Office: STEM 318 J
Phone: (903) 223-3177
Email: Kathleen.missildine@tamut.edu

Dr. Sheila Moore
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Office: SCIT 318 A
Phone: (903) 223-3041
Email: sheila.moore@tamut.edu

Ben Neuman
Associate Professor of Biology

Office: SCIT 318 G, Green Zone Veterans Support Advocate
Phone: (903) 334-6654
Email: bneuman@tamut.edu

Brandon Quaid
Lab Coordinator

Office: STEM 219 B
Phone: (903) 334-6667
Email: brandon.quaid@tamut.edu

Dr. Donald Peterson
Professor of Engineering

Office: SCIT 120
Phone: (903) 223-3191
Email: donald.peterson@tamut.edu

Jaennie Sawyer MPh, BSN, BS, RN
Instructor of Nursing

Office: SCIT 304
Phone: (903) 334-6698
Email: eugenia.sawyer@tamut.edu

Chris Sinquefield MS
Instructor of Mathematics

Office: STEM 104F
Phone: (903) 223-3178
Email: chris.sinquefield@tamut.edu

Vicki Stringer
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Office: STEM 104
Phone: (903) 334-6651
Fax: (903) 334-6630
Email: vicki.stringer@tamut.edu

Dr. Feodor Vainstein
Professor of Computer Science

Office: STEM 115
Phone: (903) 334-6652
Email: feodor.vainstein@tamut.edu

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