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Core Curriculum 2014

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Core Curriculum page.  As the chair of the Core Curriculum subcommittee of the Academic Affairs Advisory Council, I want to welcome you to what I hope will be seen as a unique opportunity to create a specific academic footprint for Texas A&M University-Texarkana.  Though we are mandated by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to revisit our core curriculum in some specific and other quite open ways, my hope is that we can seize this as a moment to create something special here at A&M-Texarkana.  The law that guides our current revisions is available to you in the left pane of your browser.

Let me also say that while I am chairing the committee, I will not be voting on a single measure personally.  Certainly there will be votes and decisions to be made, but I believe the best way of getting to where we need to go is to lead our committee, faculty, staff, and administrators to consensus, not by attempting to out vote ideas.  Having written that, let me also say that if we cannot get to consensus or refuse to act for whatever reasons, decisions will be made. 

This page is meant to be a guide and resource as we revisit that core and prepare for implementation of a new core curriculum in 2014.  It is meant to help educate our group and build towards those consensus decisions.  If along the way you have questions or would like to see information on the page, please don't hesitate to send me an email doug.julien@tamut.edu, and I'll gladly provide the information that I can on the page.  And apologies for the lack of elegance and skill in putting this page together; I'm a novice at best.

In the Fall, I did a colloquium and provided via email a link to the colloquium presentation.  Let me provide it again here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8pk9eogdiwauhv/Core%20Curriculum.mov It is meant as a way to explain what the new changes are in an interesting, almost entertaining way.

Almost everything that you'll need will be a link from the left pane, but I will create three sections below:  two links to a down and dirty explanation of the changes in two pages, a timeline for the work and a section that will detail what was added and when to that pane.

The Down and Dirty Version

A side-by-side comparison of the old core rules and the new core rules:


A Quick Reference courtesy of the CB that charts all the Component Areas and Core Objectives:



1/25/12 11:00-1:00 UC 214 -- Rubric Discussion/Assignment (see Rubrics)

2/4/12   Rubrics due to Core Curriculum Chair

2/8/12   Rubrics and Course Proposal Forms released

3/8/12   Course Proposals Due to Core Curriculum Committee

3/22/12  Revised Course Proposals Due to Core Curriculum Committee

4/1/12   Completed Core due to Provost   

New Items

1/17/12: Added Statutes and Rubrics

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