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Mission & Learning Outcomes

Our Mission

Our mission in the Success Center is to help students on the path to confident, independent control of their own academic future.  
Most students start their academic life dependent in some way on others to succeed in college -- whether on professors to teach them,  staff to guide them, or parents to support them. That is why the Success Center strives not only to help students to succeed in class, but to give students the essential skills they need to succeed throughout college life and beyond. 

Our Tutors

The success is committed to providing a consistent, high-standard of tutoring, starting with the quality and skill of the tutors themselves.   SSC tutors must be faculty recommended by three professors, at least two of which must come from within the tutor's own discipline.  They must also maintain a high GPA and go through extensive training and professional development, including certification through the National Tutoring Association.  Most of all they are expected to act as model-students to other students, reflecting the high personal and academic standards we hope that all students will strive to emulate. 


Students will demonstrate the ability to meet the academic demands of college level coursework.
Outcome: Students will pass their tutored course at the same rate as non-tutored students.

Students will demonstrate the ability to persist in higher education, successfully complete coursework, and graduate.
Outcome:  Students will re-enroll at the same rate as non-tutored students.

Students will demonstrate self-awareness, self-direction, and self-confidence.
Outcome:  Students will report and demonstrate independent application of learning strategies.

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