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Graduation Status

A student’s graduation eligibility is evaluated by the Registrar’s Office once a student applies to graduate.  Students’ can check the status of their graduation application online through Web for Students or DegreeWorks. 

Review of Graduation Application

  • Preliminary Review:

All graduating applicants will receive a preliminary review of their graduation application and will be notified via their ACE email and notes listed on their DegreeWorks audit within 1-2 weeks after the graduation application deadline has passed.  This review is preliminary and is not a final, or official, review of your records.  The information is subject to change due to failing or incomplete grades, drops, withdrawals, or other changes in your registration/enrollment for the current or subsequent semester(s).  If your notification states you are missing degree requirements, contact your advisor or the Graduation Coordinator's Office as soon as possible to resolve the issues.

  • Second Review:

1-2 weeks of the 2nd 8 weeks (fall and spring semesters) or 2nd 5 weeks (summer semesters) census date, all graduation applications will be receive a second review.  Students will be notified via their ACE email regarding any status changes and possibly any missing requirements that could prevent them from graduating.  This information will be posted in the Notes section of their DegreeWorks audit.  Students missing any degree requirements will be given a deadline to resolve any issues and should contact their advisor or the Graduation Coordinator's Office immediately to resolve these issues.

  • Final Review:

The final review of the graduation application will be conducted after final grades for the semester have been submitted, and all grade processing has been complete.  These processes are completed every December, May and August. 

Items that can delay the final review and awarding of the degree include but not limited to:

    • Incomplete and "K" grades
    • grade changes
    • course substitutions not received
    • official transcripts not received for courses taken off-campus

Graduation status categories:

  • Grad Application Received- application for graduation has been received; has not yet been reviewed.
  • Pending graduation- all checks of your degree evaluation have been completed.  The Registrar’s Office is waiting for final grades to be posted for the semester and/or official transcripts to be received to verify all requirements have been met before awarding the degree.
  • Under Review; Contact Reg Ofc- Your graduation application is being reviewed, however the review cannot be completed due to issues such as a low GPA in the required areas, not having the required amount of hours or missing courses.  Contact the Graduation Coordinator's Office at graduation@tamut.edu or 903-334-6751.
  • Awarded- All requirements have been met and your degree has been posted.

Instructions to check your graduation application status:

Quicklinks menu

Web for Students log in

Student tab

student records link

student records menu

check grad app status Web for Students

check grad app status DegreeWorks


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