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Registration Dates

It is important for students to review the pre-requisites for each course PRIOR to beginning the registration process.  Prerequisites can be found on the current schedule of courses within each course listing. Or, students can refer to the current catalog.

*Priority Registration

Priority registration is based on a student's current classificationIn progress courses are not included when determining classification for registration purposes.  Students who are eligible to register may do so anytime on or after the date has passed for their classification group.

Adding or Enrolling Courses after Late Registration

Once late registration has ended students must gain permission from the professor/instructor to add or drop any courses to their class schedules. A $25 late fee will be assessed to the student’s account for adding any courses.  After census there will be a $225 Late fee for registration.

If you are having trouble registering online, please contact the Office of the Registrar by email at Registrar@tamut.edu, by phone at (903) 334-6601, or in person by visiting Enrollment Services, located in UC 260 of the University Center.

Current Catalog    Registering Online    Web For Students

(16 week: Jan 17-May 10; 1st 8 week session: Jan 17-March 10)
Classification Priority Registration* Late Registration
Graduate & Doctoral
Nov 7-Jan 16 Jan 17-19
Seniors (90+ hrs) Nov 7-Jan 16 Jan 17-19
VA/Athletes/Honors Nov 7-Jan 16 Jan 17-19
Juniors (60-89 hrs) & PB Nov 10-Jan 16 Jan 17-19
Sophomore (30-59 hrs) Nov 14-Jan 16 Jan 17-19
Freshmen (0-29 hrs) Nov 17-Jan 16 Jan 17-19
2nd 8 week Registration Schedule (March 20-May 10)
Classification Priority Registration* Late Registration
Graduate & Doctoral
Nov 7-March 19 March 20
Seniors (90+ hrs) Nov 7-March 19 March 20
VA/Athletes/Honors Nov 7-March 19 March 20
Juniors (60-89 hrs) & PB Nov 10-March 19 March 20
Sophomore (30-59 hrs) Nov 14-March 19 March 20
Freshmen (0-29 hrs) Nov 17-March 19 March 20
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