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The health and safety of our students are of primary concern at A&M-TEXARKANA. A&M-TEXARKANA is committed to ensuring that students obtain timely medical assistance for themselves and fellow students in the case of medical emergencies.


As such, the Division of Student Life recognizes that the potential for disciplinary action may discourage students from seeking medical assistance for themselves or others in a time when medical attention is needed.  This Amnesty rule was developed with the intention that those individuals whose judgment or health is severely affected due to alcohol consumption and/or controlled substances by removing impediments to seeking such assistance. Students are encouraged to contact A&M-TEXARKANA Police Department, medical emergency professionals or other University officials when assistance is needed.


The Amnesty for Student Safety rule offers a health-focused response to medical emergencies rather than a disciplinary consequence. Amnesty does not preclude disciplinary sanctions due to other violations of the Student Code of Conduct (not related to the Alcohol/Drug Rule) such as theft, sexual harassment/assault, hazing, etc. Likewise, this protocol does not prevent action by A&M-TEXARKANA Police Department or other law enforcement personnel and only governs the application of the University’s Student Code of Conduct and has no status in other jurisdictions.  Students may not invoke the Amnesty for Student Safety rule at the time when his/her case is being heard or investigated by Student Life.  The Amnesty for Student Safety rule does not limit the authority of law enforcement or University staff to act as required at the time of an alleged violation of University standards or state or local laws. Based on the entirety of the incident, Student Life staff will make the final determination as to the applicability of this rule and reserves the right to reduce sanctions or dismiss charges.

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