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FAQ General

 Q. Do you hand out a “study guide” before the exams?

 A. No.

 I strongly encourage you to make your own study guide. Since creating a study guide is a skill I want you do develop, I will not do it for you. I would be glad, however, to help you. After you make a study guide, bring it to my office and I will look over it and make suggestions.

 Q. I missed class. Did I miss anything important?

 A. Yes.

 If I did not have anything important to say, I would have cancelled class.

 Q.  OK, what did I miss?

 A. First, you are the one who fulfills this role. Get the notes from a classmate for the class you missed. We’ll go over the parts that you do not understand in office hours.

 Q. I did poorly on an exam. Can I retake it or do any sort of extra credit work?

 A. No.

 You should place all your efforts into doing better on the next exam. If you need help, you should take advantage of my office hours, or make an appointment to see me.

 Q. I am only one point away from a C (or D, B, or A). Since I am so close, is there any way you can just give me the extra point?

 A. Seriously? No.

 Q. I need to talk to you, when would be a good time?

 A. During my office hours.

 Q. What if I can’t make your office hours?

 A.  You can make an appointment. The best way to do this is to email me and suggest some times that would work for you.

  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
  • f: 903.223.3104
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