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Point 3: Field Experience

Quality field experiences with thorough feedback best prepare teachers for success in the classroom.  The TPP offers ample opportunities for a variety of field experiences (Grade Level and Subject Area) in schools throughout the program. 

Junior Year (Coursework taught in Schools)

During junior year, foundational courses are taught in the lab setting within schools/districts in the region (day course sections only).  The lab setting allows for students to comprehend pedagogy within the actual classroom. These classes support 30 hours of observation  in a variety of setting as required by TEA.

  • ED 321 – 14 hours of field experience
  • ED 311 – 8 hours of field experience


Senior Year (Full Year of Co-Teaching in Schools)

Starting Fall 2014-15 - Students complete a year-long field experience as a Co-teacher in a classroom with a cooperating teacher trained in the Co-Teaching Model.  Both teacher candidate and cooperating teacher are identified as Co-Teachers in the classroom. The year-long experience provides the teacher candidate with the most beneficial field experience.

Where will I take my courses?

Course Sites: TPP courses are offered online and at the following campuses.

  • Main Campus, University Avenue, Texarkana
  • Northeast Texas Community College
  • Paris Juior College

Lab Schools:  Lab Schools are campuses that work closely with the TPP to provide rich, structured, and real-world field experiences for students in conjunction teacher preparation coursework. 

  • Chapel Hill ISD, Mt. Pleasant, TX
  • Liberty-Eylau ISD
  • Pleasant Grove ISD
  • St. James Day School
  • Texarkana, AR School District
  • Texarkana, TX ISD

Where will I do my Field Experiences?

Sites for Field Experiences: The following districts partner with TPP to train cooperating teachers in the Co-Teaching Model  and match with teacher candidates for authentic classroom experiences.  Texas Schools:

  • Atlanta ISD
  • Chapel Hill ISD
  • Daingerfield-Lone Star ISD
  • Gilmer ISD
  • Hallsville ISD
  • Harleton ISD
  • Harts Bluff
  • Hooks ISD
  • Kilgore ISD
  • Liberty-Eylau ISD
  • Longview ISD
  • Marshall ISD
  • Mt. Pleasant ISD
  • Mt. Vernon  ISD
  • New Boston ISD
  • Pewitt ISD
  • Pittsburg ISD
  • Pleasant Grove ISD
  • Queen City ISD
  • Redwater ISD
  • Texarkana, Texas ISD
  • White Oak ISD
Students: refer to "TPP Handbook" for application deadlines and requirements.


Questions? Call 903/223-3132 or email education@tamut.edu

  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
  • f: 903.223.3104
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