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Using SoftChalk Cloud

Welcome to SoftChalk Cloud

What is SoftChalk Cloud?

SoftChalk Cloud is an award-winning digital curriculum authoring solution that combines content authoring, learning object repository, hosting, and management features with an easy way to track student score results and the ability to integrate seamlessly with Blackboard. It is designed for educators, curriculum developments, instructional designers and students who need an easy-to-use, yet powerful platform that enables them to create-their-own engaging, media-rich learning content that is portable and flexible.

At the heart of SoftChalk Cloud is Create – an easy-to-use digital curriculum authoring solution that lets you take content you already have (such as Word, PowerPoint files, PDFs, videos and weblinks), combine it with resources from the web (such as videos, web widgets and textbook media) and turn it into easy-to-navigate, professional-looking, interactive, web-based modules—perfect for online learning. Using Create in SoftChalk Cloud, it’s easy to include interactive quiz questions and activities such as HotSpot images, crossword puzzles, and sorting activities in your digital lessons. Apply a design template and your content will look like a professional designer developed it.
SoftChalk Cloud enables quick and easy content management—you can create and manage one content item that can be delivered in many courses, or even multiple learning management systems (LMSs). When it’s time to update—just change your content one time in the Cloud, and every course and every LMS using that content is automatically updated. SoftChalk automatically generates mobile-friendly content using standards-compliant HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. This means your eLearning content works anywhere—desktops, iPads, tablets and smartphones.

SoftChalk ScoreCenter makes it easy to track student score results, whether you’re delivering content in Blackboard, on a website, in a classroom or “in the cloud.” Score data from SoftChalk lessons go directly into the Blackboard grade book.

More Information about SoftChalk

Introducing SoftChalk Create, the powerful lesson creation tool. This version will allow you to launch SoftChalk Create from any web browser or from a desktop shortcut using the one-time installation below.



Once you have completed the installation, you can start SoftChalk Create several ways:

  • Double-click on the SoftChalk Create icon on your desktop
  • Log into your SoftChalk Cloud account
    • Choose My Content / Create Content
    • Or under My Content, click on the name of a lesson. At the bottom right, click Edit Lesson / Edit in Create
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