Multilayer Neural Network based on Multi-Valued Neurons (MLMVN) - Executable Files.

 This network, which significantly outperforms many other machine learning techniques in terms of learning speed and generalization capability, is presented in detail in [1], [2]. There are two exe-files for Windows 7/Vista/XP operating systems, a Matlab-file for converting continuous data in the format appropriate for the MLMVN and its software simulator and a brief user's manual that are winzipped in a single archive. One of the exe-files should be used for learning and another one for testing. This software simulates a network with either continuous or discrete inputs and with a discrete output (outputs). Thus, it can be used for solving classifications problems. It is important to say that it is especially efficient in solving multiple-class classification problems where the number of classes is larger than two.

The Winzip archive (1.5 Mb) should be downloaded from HERE. Many thanks to Dr. Dmitriy Paliy for his important contribution to the software design.

 Rohan GPU-Accelerated Neural Network Simulator - Executable Files.

 This software for Windows 7/Vista/XP operating systems requires NVIDIA chipsets of FERMI revision or better with Compute Capability 2.1+. This application also simulates a network with either continuous or discrete inputs, solves multiple-class classifications, and approximates funtcional mappings, but utilizes parallel GPU architecture and an improved backpropagation algorithm for superior performance.

Rohan remains under advancement by the original author as of Fall 2012, and support is available from; please put "ROHAN" in the subject.

Basic instructions for the operation of Rohan are HERE.

The Winzip archive (1.2 Mb) for the batch-driven simulator is available HERE.

A lightweight Visual Basic front-end GUI with file managment can be installed from HERE.