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Curriculum Committee

Minutes of

February 5, 2002

Members:    J. Harbin, Chair; C. McAllister; G. Parangimalil; D. Abbott; J. Hargus; Pat Black, ex officio members: P. Black; J. Johnson; C. Moore: D. Roach 

The meeting opened at 2:30 p.m.

1.         The minutes of December 3, 2001 were approved.

2.         Dr. Wagy submitted proposals for a Master of Arts in History and a Master of Science in History.  Dr. Johnson informed the Committee that the Texas Coordinating Board had mandated that all new degree proposals were to be submitted as a substantial Change rather than a Non-Substantive Change.  Discussion of the proposals centered on the requirements and rationale for both a Master of Arts and a Master of Science.  Although there are differences, because of the small numbers expected in each, it was agreed that it would go forward as a Master of Science with two options:  one: with more hours, and two: requiring a thesis.

3.            Replacing IS595 with PSY541 was tabled until the next meeting when someone from Behavioral Sciences could be present.

4.         The committee decided that Special Topics Courses (597) do not need the approval of the University Curriculum Committee.  However, they do require the approval of the respective department and the College Dean.

5.         The Committee discussed the problems of record keeping for curriculum matters.  Issues involving:  who is responsible for currency in degree plans, catalogs, web site, advising, etc; what the paper work flow should be; and who needs to be in that loop.  While there were no specific recommendations made it was noted that minutes of previous Curriculum Committee meetings are on the university web site.  Also, there will soon be a listing of all degree/class approvals/deletions posted on that site as well.

6.         There was no new or old business and the meeting adjourned at approximately 3:30.