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Curriculum Committee Minutes

March 6, 2003

Members:       C. McAllister, Chair; D. Abbott, D. Allard, J. Hargus, G. Parangimalil
Ex Officio:     
C. Moore, J. Johnson, D. Roach
           P. Black
W. Laird, J. Sander, J. Hamilton, T. Gandy, G. Ballard

1.         G. Parangimalil moved, J. Hargus seconded approval of minutes.  Motion passed.

2.         FYI:  C. McAllister, Chair, reminded committee to think on electing another chair.

3.         FYI:  Developing Field of Study Curricula-Coordinating Board report now available as per Dr. Johnson.

4.         Each discipline will require 6 hours in math either as upper division or lower division.  Final determination on the ethics course and math requirement will be made before the next fiscal year.

5.         Handout presented pertaining to core curriculum as approved by the Coordinating Board for College of Arts Sciences & Education.

6.         The proposed change to the MSIS degree as per the January 31, 2003 minutes of the Arts Sciences & Education faculty meeting entails no comprehensive exams or capstone course giving the students the option of a project (research, creative, performance, technology) or using the thesis criteria which means taking IS 518, Thesis, which is a 6 credit hour research project.

7.         Motion by J. Hargus, second by D. Abbott to accept the Education Administration Master’s Comprehensive Exam proposal which is to administer the “Equivalent TExES Principal’s exam” purchased from NES as presented by W. Laird.  Motion passed.

8.         Motion by D. Abbott, second by J. Hargus to accept T. Gandy’s catalog changes to the Masters of Arts in English.  Motion passed.

9.         Motion by D. Abbott, second by J. Hargus to accept D. Kern’s request for a new course, Math ED 529-Workshop in Mathematics Education.   Motion passed.

10.       Motion by J. Hargus, second by G. Parangimalil to accept J. Sander’s request to change Ed 403 from a 2 hour to 3 hour class.  Motion passed.

11.       Motion by D. Allard, second by D. Abbott to accept G. Ballard’s request to approve IS 497- Fundamentals of Organizational Change, Development & Leadership, a new course.  Motion passed.

12-16.  Motion by J. Hargus, second by D. Abbott to accept S. Bhuiyan’s syllabus for COMM 306 – Broadcast News; COMM 417 – Advertisng;  JOUR 311 – Television News Production (a replacement course); JOUR 490 – Internship in Mass Comm and Journalism; and JOUR 491 – Independent Research in Mass Comm and Journalism.   Motion passed contingent on changes.

17.       Motion by J. Hargus, second by D. Allard to approve procedures for implementation of degree program and curriculum changes and outline for Fall 2003 incoming students contingent on IS 595 and IS 597.  Motion passed.  This motion was amended to use 595 as a prerequisite for 597.  D. Allard moved to accept the amendment, second by G. Parangimalil.  Motion passed.

18.       Next meeting:  Thursday, 2:30pm before the semester ends.

Adjourned:  3:36pm

Charlotte E. Maxwell