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Curriculum Committee

Minutes of

March 8, 2001

Called to Order:           1:35 p.m.

Adjourned:                   2:55 p.m.

Members:         J. Harbin, Chair; D. Roach, ex officio; A. Simonson; J. Martin; Pat Black, ex officio; Carol Moore, ex officio.  Excused: J. Hastings; J. Johnson, ex officio; R. Stripling

1.         Approval of February 7, 2001 minutes.  Motion to approve was made by Art Simonson, seconded by Jim Martin.  The motion passed.

2.         Cross-listing of MIS497/597 – Technologies of the Corporation IT Marketplace, Fall 2001.  A clarification of the common tasks is needed to sort out the differences between 497 and 597.  Will students be required to pay for Comdex trip to Las Vegas?  Jim Martin motioned approval, seconded by Art Simonson, following the recommended changes submitted to Jim Harbin for his review and approval.  The motion passed.

3.         Web-based delivery of ECON577, Summer 2001.  Motion to approve was made by Jim Martin, seconded by Art Simonson.  The motion passed.

4.         Web-based delivery of ACCT523, Fall 2001.  A clarification of how students will interact with the professor is needed.  Art Simonson motioned to approve, Jim Martin seconded, following the recommended change submitted to Jim Harbin for his review and approval.  The motion passed.

5.         New MIS Course:  MIS 407-Data Center Management.  A clarification of research and in class group projects (number of projects, when due, evaluation process) is needed.  Jim Martin motioned to approve, Art Simonson seconded, following the recommended changes submitted to Jim Harbin for his review and approval.  The motion passed.

6.         Revision of requirements for Counseling Psychology:

1.         Change course title of PSY350 from “Learning and Motivation” to “Learning andBehavior”.  Which requires course description change from “. . .  types of learning and describes general . . .” to “. . . types of learning and behavior.  Describes general . . .”.

2.         No action taken on deleting PSY404: Industrial Psychology because of BAAS and Human Resource implications.

3.         No action taken on PSY402 because changes have already been made.

4.         No action taken on requiring Graduate Psychology majors to take a practicum in their first twelve hours.

7.         New Biology Course:  BSC436 – General Mammalogy, Fall 2001.  This request was sent back to the College of Arts & Sciences and Education for department approval.

8.         Old business.  No old business to discuss.

9.         New Business.  Richard Roach stated that the new Assessment Committee would be formed after Spring Break.  Jim Martin requested that he be allowed to serve on that committee.

Next meeting will be April 19, 2001 at 1:30 p.m.

Loretta Williams, Recorder