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Curriculum Committee

Minutes of

May 9, 2001

Members:         J. Harbin, Chair; A. Simonson; J. Hastings; J. Martin; Pat Black, ex officio; Carol Moore, ex officio; J. Johnson, ex officio   Excused: D. Roach, ex officio 

1.         Jim Martin motioned to approve the April 19, 2001 minutes.  Jane Hastings seconded.  The motion passed.

2.         New Education Courses:

            SC ED597: Early Childhood Science

            SC ED497: Early Childhood Science

            ED597: Induction Year Teaching

            Jim Martin motioned for discussion.  Art Simonson seconded.  Jim Martin motioned to return to the College of Arts & Sciences and Education for modification.  Art Simonson seconded.  The motion passed.

3.         New Mass Communication Program Proposal

            Add prerequisites for the Mass Communication Program.  Suggest department consider COMM380 option because of degrees in COMM315, 316, 317.  Art Simonson motioned, Jane Hastings seconded.  The motion passed.

4.         Web-based delivery of ACCT525: Administrative Controls

            Jim Harbin motioned, there was no second.  The motion died.

5.         Deletion of Business Courses from the Inventory:

            GBUS558: Seminar in Real Property Valuation

            GBUS 582: General Business Seminar

            GBUS597: Special Topics

            MGT567: Supervisory Management

            FIN564: Investments Seminar

            MGT544: Field Experiences

            MIS530: Navigation of the Internet

            MKT507: Global Marketing Strategy

            MKT511: Seminar in Sales Management

            Jim Harbin motioned, Art Simonson seconded.  The motion passed.

6.         Substitute 3SCH of additional electives (15 instead of 12) in place of deleting MGT544 as a required class for MBA.

Jim Harbin motioned, Jim Martin seconded.  The motion passed.

7.         New SCED597: Teaching Chemistry in the Middle School Course.

            Jane Hastings motioned, Art Simonson seconded.  The motion passed.

8.         No old business for discussion.

9.         No new business for discussion.

Next meeting date is to be announced at a later time.

Loretta Williams, Recorder