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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

May 9th, 2007 



Called to Order:          2:04 pm

Adjourned:                  2:14 pm

Members present:     Peter Racheotes Chair;

                                    Elaine Beason, Joan Brumm, Shirley Garick, Gaynell Green, Mohammed Haque


Members present:     Pat Black, Anson Godfrey, Ann Lotven, Carla Snyder

Absent:  Kristi Williams

1.         Agenda

2.         Meeting called to order at 2:04PM by Dr. Racheotes. 

3.         Dr. Garick moved, seconded by Dr Haque to approve minutes from previous meeting with corrections to numbers 6, 8, and 10.  April 11th, 2007.  Motion passed

4.         Dr. Beason moved, seconded by Dr. Haque to approve Course Inventory Add/Reinstate:  CHEM 472 – Introduction to Forensic Science, previously Tabled in February.  (Allard)  Motion Passed

5.         Dr. Haque moved, seconded by Dr. Garick to approve Changes to Existing Undergraduate Program:  BSIS w/4-8 Math/Science Teaching Field, previously Tabled in April (Allard)  Motion Passed    

6.         Old Business:  Tabled Items: 

            Course Inventory Add/Reinstate:  HRD 405 – Human Resource Training and Development.  Tabled 3-21-07.

            Course Inventory Change:  HRD 415 – Organizational Development and ChangeTabled 3-21-07

            Changes to Existing Undergraduate Program:  BS 4-8 Science Teaching Certification (NTCC). Tabled 4-11-07

            Changes to Existing Undergraduate Program:  BSIS 4-8 Science Teaching Certification.  Tabled 4-11-07

7.         Other Business:  Dr Racheotes ask that the date for the UCC meetings be set for the second week of each month; giving each college ample time to place items on the agenda. Dr. Beason nominated Dr. Peter Racheotes as the 07 – 08 President, Dr. Garick nominated Dr. Gandy, Dr. Garick rescinded nomination and seconded nomination for Dr. Racheotes.  Motion Passed

8.         Meeting adjournment at 2:14 p.m.

9.         Next meeting will be September, 2007. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Melinda Thomas        
Recording Secretary