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Curriculum Committee


May 11, 2005


Called to Order:           2:30 pm

Adjourned                    4:00 pm

Members:       Shirley Garick, Chair; Bob Owen, Peter Racheotes, William Laird,
George Parangimalil, and Serajul Bhuiyan

Ex-Officio:      Ann Lotven, Richard Roach, Carol Moore, and Anson Godfrey

Absent:           Pat Black

Guests:           T. Talley, G. Agrawal, D. Green, K. Levintova, G. Bugh, G. Green

1.         Agenda

            Meeting Called to Order by Dr. Garick

 2.         G. Parangimalil moved, second by P. Racheotes to approve minutes of April 12, 2005. Motion passed.

3.         P. Racheotes moved, second by W. Laird to approve CIS 497:  Applications of Simple Robots.  (Talley).  Motion passed with the following changes:  1)  On the Course Inventory Add/Reinstate form – on the Course Title – Change from “Applications of Simple Robots” to “Applications for Simple Robots”.  2)  Delete entire 3rd paragraph on Faculty Form.  3)  On 1st page of Course Syllabus – Change in the Course Description:  5th line change “force” to “energy”.

4.         G. Parangimalil moved, second by W. Laird to approve IS 415:  Fundamentals of Organizational Development, Change and Leaders.  (G. Green).  Motion passed.

5.         B. Owen moved, second by S. Bhuiyan to approve Course Syllabus Change:  PSY 350:  Learning and Behavior (Walker).  Motion passed contingent upon:  It will be passed if it is a web-enhanced course and change the justification to the first sentence only as stated.  In addition, the entire grading scale on the syllabus needs to be reformulated correctly.  The corrections were completed by Dr. Walker and the course moved forward for signature by the chair.

6.                  P. Racheotes moved, second by S. Bhuiyan to approve Add New Undergraduate Minor:  Minor in Political Science.  (Bugh and Levintova).  Motion passed.

7.                  Election of New Chairperson:



Dr. Shirley Garick, Chair

Dr. Peter Racheotes, Faculty Senate

Dr. Robert Own, College of Business

Dr. George Parangimalil, College of Health & Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Serajul Bhuiyan, College of Arts & Sciences & Education

Dr. William Laird, College of Arts & Sciences & Education

Ex officio:

Dr. Ann Lotven, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Pat Black, Director of Admissions and Registrar

Carol Moore, Director of Teacher Certification Office

Dr. Richard Roach, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Anson Godfrey, Director of Technology and Distance Education

The newly elected Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chairperson for 2005-2006 is Dr. Peter Racheotes.

8.               Other Business

9.               Meeting adjourned at  4:00 p.m.

10.             The next Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meeting will be in the Fall of 2005. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Kim Staats

Recording Secretary