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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

July 23, 2008 


Called to Order:          1:04 pm

Adjourned:                  1:10 pm

Members present:     Peter Racheotes Chair;

                                    Karen Kincaid, Tom Gandy and Mohammed Haque


Members present:     Kristi Johnson

Absent:                       Elaine Beason & Joan Brumm

Ex-Officio Absent:    Pat Black, Anson Godfrey, Rosanne Stripling and Carla Snyder

Guests:                       None

1.         Agenda

2.         Meeting called to order at 1:04 PM by Dr. Racheotes. 

3.         Dr. Haque moved, seconded by Dr. Gandy to approve minutes from previous meeting June 19, 2008.  Motion passed

4.         Dr. Gandy moved, seconded by Dr. Haque to approve Course Syllabus Changes:

            HSCI 346 Complementary and Alternative Health Care (Kincaid).  Motion was made to request the change of course delivery system to include Web-Based.  Motion passed

5.         Old Business:

            Dr. Gandy moved, seconded by Dr. Haque to approve Course Inventory Add/Reinstate:  PSCI 445 Public Opinion (Bugh).  The original motion was to add PSCI 445 to the course inventory.  Discussion ensued that the Disability Accommodations statement did not reflect the approved changes made by the Faculty Senate effective Fall 2008.  Dr. Mangum will resubmit the syllabus.  Motion passed as amended

6.         Other Business:  Dr. Racheotes has called for a short meeting right after the Annual General Faculty & Staff meeting on Monday, August 25, 2008 to discuss dates for next year’s meetings and also to elect the Committee Chair for the next year.

7.         Meeting adjournment at 1:10 pm.

8.         Next meeting:  TBD

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Bennett        
Recording Secretary