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Curriculum Committee

Minutes of

September 5, 2000

Called to Order:           2:35 p.m.

Adjourned:                   3:32 p.m.

Members:    J. Hastings, Chair; Pat Black, ex officio, J. Harbin, J. Martin, D. Roach, ex officio, A. Simonson, J. Johnson, ex officio

1.         Jim Harbin volunteered to chair this committee during the 2000-2001 academic year.  Ex-Chair Hastings turned control of the meeting along with the proposal for a masters in Adult Education and several new Biology syllabi over to J. Harbin.

2.         Motion by J. Hastings, second by A. Simonson to accept the syllabus for Eng597/497, Special Topics: African American Literature.  Motion passed.

3.         Motion by J. Hastings, second by J. Martin to accept the syllabus for BSC497, BSC410 and BSC 317 contingent on changes.  Motion passed.  The changes include: standardized citations, format, and more information regarding objectives.

4.         J. Hastings motioned, second by A. Simonson to accept the syllabus for HIST597, Women in the 20th Century.  The committee agreed all future submissions will follow APA guidelines.  Motion passed.

5.         Following a review of the Curriculum Committee’s responsibilities, it was agreed that the primary responsibility is assuring academic excellence in curriculum matters.

6.         This committee will approve syllabi for courses taught in Jefferson.

7.         October 10 is the date for new and substantially changed syllabi submissions.

8.         Future meetings will be held at 2:30 pm on the first Monday of each month.

Charlotte Maxwell, Recorder