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Curriculum Committee

Minutes of

October 2, 2000

Called to Order:           2:35 p.m.

Adjourned:                   3:40 p.m.

Members:         J. Harbin, Chair; D. Roach, ex officio; P. Black, ex officio; C. Moore, ex officio; A. Simonson; J. Hastings; J. Martin; J. Johnson, ex officio

1.         Minutes of the September 5, 2000 meeting reviewed and approved.

2.         Proposal for Master’s in Adult Education – Glenda Ballard was present to explain her proposal.  Admission requirements are the same as for the Arts and Sciences programs.  J. Hastings motioned, A. Simonson seconded for the Arts and Sciences part of the program.  Motion passed.

3.         New Chemistry Minor – David Allard answered questions posed by the Committee.  A. Simonson motioned, J. Martin seconded.  Motion passed.

4.         Three new biology classes for Spring 2001 semester – Chris McAllister was requested to attend to answer questions regarding the program. 

BSC 470, J. Martin motioned, A. Simonson seconded. Motion passed.

BSC 411, A. Simonson motioned, J. Hastings seconded.  Motion passed.

BSC 472/CJ 472, postponed to the next meeting to allow review by the Criminal Justice program.

5.         The future of Online Courses – J. Johnson will meet with the Business faculty to discuss this further. This was deferred from the Curriculum Committee at present.

6.         No old business to discuss.

7.         No new business to discuss

Next meeting will be November 6 at 2:30 p.m.

Loretta Williams, Recorder