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Curriculum Committee

Minutes of

October 12, 1999

Called to order:  3 pm

Adjourned:  4 pm

Members:    J. Hastings, P. Black, J. Harbin, J. Martin, C. Moore, D. Roach, A. Simonson.

1.         The committee unanimously recommends that staff members serve ex officio.  Therefore, the voting members shall be:  J. Hastings, J. Martin, J. Harbin, and A. Simonson.

2.         Room 229N will be scheduled for future meetings.

3.         Cross-listed courses – D. Abbott

            The committee passed unanimously a motion by Dr. Martin that given the information at hand, the cross-listing of ACCT427/527 and ACCT422/522 be disallowed at this time.  Dr. Simonson seconded the motion.  The committee members suggest using independent study numbers for the next semester until this issue can be further studied.  It will be on the agenda for the November 18th meeting.

4.         Web format – C. McDonald

            The committee passed unanimously a motion by Dr. Simonson to approve MIS 360 for web-format exclusively for one semester only.  Dr. Martin seconded.  Ms. Black was asked to supply data regarding the number of new enrollees who have registered for TTVN and web-based courses during the past two years.  The broader issue of web-based courses will be on the agenda for November.

5.         PSY390 – G. Ballard

            The committee passed unanimously a motion by Dr. Harbin that the changes in PSY390 be considered insignificant.  Dr. Martin seconded.

6.         Two-Plus-Two Programs – J. Johnson

            The committee authorized Dr. Hastings to invite Dean Mueller and guests to meet with the committee on November 18 for the purpose of exploring two-plus-two programs.

7.         The committee unanimously passed a motion by Dr. Simonson to recommend that significant course syllabus changes, new course offerings, and new degree program proposals be approved by the appropriate departmental faculty before coming to the curriculum committee for review.  Dr. Martin seconded.

8.         Scope of the committee – J. Hastings

            A streamlined version of the committee’s responsibilities is attached.