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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

December 8, 2009 

The regularly scheduled meeting was conducted via email due to only one agenda item submitted. The request was for Changes to Existing Undergraduate Program: EC-6 Bilingual Generalist Transition for the change in the BSIS degree plan.

The College of Education and Liberal Arts and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee have both previously approved the change of the BSIS degree plan for the EC-6 Generalist earlier this year. In order to have the Bilingual Education degree plan to reflect the appropriate changes, the following items needed to be approved:

Old Plan:

RDG 341 Overview and Strategies II (course is being deleted)

RDG 346 Word Recognition

New Plan:

RDG 343 Reading Beyond the Primary Grades

RDG 346 Word Recognition or RDG 350 Emergent Literacy Development (new course to be developed and will ultimately replace RDG 346)

The paperwork submitted for this program change indicates that the changes will be effective spring 2010. However, this is a bit of a “retroactive” program change that will need to go into effect for these students fall 2009 forward. This is due to the fact that any students entering this program in the fall of 2009 will not be able to complete the program requirements in time to take the last TExES exam in June 2010. Academic Services has been holding files for Bilingual students from fall 2009 until this change was enacted. 

Each member of the committee was provided an electronic copy of the Changes to Existing Undergraduate Program form and supporting documentation.

By a unanimous vote, the item was approved.

Members voting: Elaine Beason, Joan Brumm, Raul Cruz-Cano, Tom Wagy, Tommie Hughes & Victor Govindaswamy

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Bennett 
Recording Secretary