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Curriculum Committee

Minutes of

December 16, 1999

Members present:  J. Hastings, J. Harbin, A. Simonson, R. Roach, P. Black, C. Moore

1.         Minutes from the last meeting were approved as distributed.  (Harbin, Simonson)

2.         The committee recommends establishing the following dates for submission of significant course changes and new course syllabi.  These dates are coordinated with the registrar’s need for sending the class schedule to the printer, and should preclude our reviewing a change which has already taken place.  For changes which will be implemented during a Fall semester – the previous April 10; for changes which will be implemented during a Spring semester – the previous October 10; for changes which will be implemented during a Summer semester – the previous March 10.  The committee reiterates its recommendation that all changes be approved by the departmental faculty prior to review by the curriculum committee.  (Hastings, Harbin)

3.         The committee requests that Dr. Johnson ask the department coordinators to give faculty the option to request a meeting when a measure is circulated for a vote.

4.         ACCT527.  The committee will invite Dr. Brumm to the next meeting to discuss this course.

5.         The committee has cursorily reviewed the nursing proposal curriculum. Clarification is needed regarding PSY320 and regarding the transfer nursing hours.  Dr. Finn will be notified that advising for the initial coursework should be done with the understanding that the plans are tentative and that the program is not yet approved.

6.         Dr. Hastings gave a brief update on the Mass Comm meeting.

7.         Upon a motion by Harbin, seconded by Simonson, it is recommended that an adjunct faculty member be allowed to teach only one course per semester if he/she is employed full-time, two courses per semester if he/she is employed part-time.  The committed reiterates that each adjunct must be approved for each different course he/she teaches.

8.         The committee respectfully requests an opportunity to review the Educational Administration proposal to discern its effects on existing curricula.  In addition, the committee feel it has a duty to review any external grant proposal which includes teaching from the current TAMU-T inventory.  (Hastings, Simonson)

9.         Due to the fact that web-based course and TTVN courses from other institutions are not identifiable on a transcript, the committee feels unable to suggest a percentage of a program which should be allowed in these formats.  Many criteria were mentioned as useful in determining whether a specific course should be developed in these formats; however, the committee believes the departmental faculty should make this determination regarding its courses with the curriculum committee acting as a review mechanism only.  A list of possible criteria will be attached to these minutes for faculty use.

10.       The chair was authorized to send a memo to department coordinators asking that an exploratory discussion be held regarding the development of symposia or seminar courses with one or two hours credit.  Procedures may be developed by an ad hoc committee during Spring semester.

11.       The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 25, at 2:30 in room 229N.  Dr. Johnson will be asked to attend.