Institutional Review Board
February 6 , 2003

Meeting called by:  Dr. Tommie Hughes

Note taker: S. Garick

Attendees:  Dr. Tommie Hughes, Chair of Committee David Allard, Chris McAllister, Jim Martin,  Shirley Garick, George Parangimalil, Barry Nutter

Absent:   None


1.      Dr. Hughes- Call to Order

Review of minutes, Dr. McAllister’s motion to accept minutes as written, Dr. Martin seconded the motion.

2. Training exam

By Dr. Martin with 90% pass rate.  Test to be taken in conjunction while watching training video.  Dr. Hughes asked if test developed by Dr. Martin can be accepted as written to meet mandate for Federal guidelines.  Faculty must complete training so Dr. Hughes can apply for acceptance of the Federal mandate.  Dr. Allard suggested we pilot the test by having a member of each department take the test and then compile the data.  Dr. Hughes put forward this with help in content validity.  Dr. Martin will collect data on test.  Dr. McAllister made a motion we table this item until scores come back & are reviewed.  Dr. Hughes seconded the motion, passed unanimously.

3. Storage of proposals

Discussion on proposal storage.  Procedure is for them to be stored in IRB office.  Approved for one year of storage.  Consult with Dr. Johnson regarding storage.  Dr. Allard suggested we check with Rusty Hatchett to put proposals on DVD and/or video.

4.  Acceptance of certificate.                                               

Dr. Hughes put forward that one Faculty member had done an outside certificate on-line with NIH.  Question posed for this to be accepted in lieu of in-house training.  Dr. Allard made the motion for acceptance and Dr. McAllister seconded the motion.  Passed unanimously.

 5.  Next Meeting will be called as needed by Dr. Hughes.

Meeting adjourned.