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Incomplete Grades

 If you’ve performed satisfactorily throughout the course, but have struggled keep up with coursework for the class due to extenuating circumstances (for example, you’ve suddenly had to start homeschooling your children), you may ask your instructor to give you an Incomplete in the course.  If your instructor grants the request, you’ll need to discuss with him/her their expectations regarding your fulfilling the requirements for the course.  An Incomplete will appear on your transcript as a grade of “X” and will not be calculated in your GPA or earned credits.  Once you’ve fulfilled the requirements of the course, your instructor will submit a Grade Change request to the Registrar’s Office to change your grade from “X” to the grade you’ve earned for the course, and your GPA and earned credits will be re-calculated to reflect that change.  If you do not complete the required coursework by the end of the fall semester, you will be given zeros on the missing assignments.  So be sure you don’t request an incomplete and then forget about it.


This is not an option for students who have not done any assignments for the course and suddenly realize they’re about to fail.  This option is strictly for students whose quality of work has been satisfactory throughout the course but have found themselves struggling to meet deadlines in the last few weeks.  If you were not performing well or keeping up with assignments prior to the move to online instruction, don’t expect your instructor to approve your request for an Incomplete.

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