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Troubleshooting Guide

Problem: No sound:

  1. Ensure volume is turned up on wall panel.

Ensure the volume is turned up on the wall control panel

  1. Ensure the volume in the computer sound settings is turned up and not muted.

Verify the volume is turned up in Audio Settings in the Notification area of the task bar

  1. Click the arrow next to the Zoom mute button to ensure the Zoom audio is connected and using the correct microphone.

 Click the arrow next to the mute icon on the Zoom Menu and ensure the correct microphone and speakers are selected

  1. Ensure the Zoom audio is not muted.
  2. Click the up arrow next to the Zoom Mute button and click Test Speaker & Microphone to test your Zoom sound:

Click Test Speakers & Microphone to verify your audio is working correctly.

  1. Ensure the microphone mute button has not been pressed, and the volume of the microphone is turned up.

Ensure the rally microphone is not muted. Use the mute and volume buttons on the rally remote to ensure your sound is not muted and turned up

Problem: No video, or video showing the wall or floor:

  1. Ensure the video is turned on in the Zoom meeting tool.
  2. the microphone is turned up.
  1. Click on the arrow next to the video icon on the Zoom menu and ensure the correct camera is selected.
Click the arrow next to the video icon on the Zoom menu and verify that the Logi Rally Camera is selected
  1.  Use the pan, tilt, zoom, home, and preset buttons to reset the camera angle to point at the desired location.
Use the slider on the left to control camera zoom, the ring in the center to control pan and tilt, and the center button (home) and bottom center buttons to return the camera to the home position or preset postitions 1 and 2.

Problem: Students unable to view PowerPoint, document camera, or other shared screen item:

  1. Ensure that you have started screen sharing in the Zoom application:
Ensure the green Share Screen button has been clicked on the Zoom menu to start screen sharing.
  1. Ensure you have selected the Screen, rather than a specific application, and that you have clicked the blue share button after selecting a screen:

Ensure that the main screen is selected and the blue share button has been clicked in Zoom

  1. Ensure that the application you are trying to share is open and at the forefront of the computer screen.
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