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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I receive information concerning bid opportunities at Texas A&M University-Texarkana?

You may go to the Electronic State Business Daily website and enter the agency's information, contact one of the purchasing staff, or view current bid opportunities administered by the Purchasing Department.

How do I get on the bidder lists?

A&M-Texarkana does not maintain a bidders list; however a vendor can send business information to the Purchasing Department or apply to be listed on the Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL).

What happens if I forget to sign the bid form, or if I fail to submit my bid on-time?

If a vendor forgets to sign the bid form or fails to meet the bid deadline, the bid is consider invalid or non-responsive.

How can I find the results of a bid?

To receive results of a bid, vendors must contact the buyer responsible for posting the bid and submit a request either by mail or email. A copy of the tabulation sheet with a pricing summary for the requested bid will sent.

How can I obtain the complete bid or purchase order file?

All file requests must be made in accordance with the Open Records Act and submitted in writing.  You may access information online at the Texas A&M University-Texarkana Homepage. 

I have won the bid, supplied the goods and service, and submitted my invoice to Accounts Payable, but I have not received payment. Why?

For payment information, please contact Accounts Payable. One of several things might have happened: 1) Accounts Payable did not receive your invoice; 2) Your tax status with the State of Texas is not in good standing; 3) there is a dispute with the invoice.

Faculty & Staff

What is the difference between a requisition and purchase order?

Requisitions are internal requests for goods and/or services that are sent to the Purchasing Department prior to the need of such goods and/or services. Purchase Orders are binding documents between the customer and the vendor.

Why is there a dollar limit for departmental purchasing?

The University has placed limitations for departments based on knowledge of State and TAMU System purchasing codes. The greater the dollar amount, the more purchasing codes there are to follow. Therefore, departments are delegated $5,000.00 or under because of compliance issues.

Why are certain items, such as furniture, classified as restricted purchases?

Certain items, such as furniture, computer systems, and printing, are considered restricted purchases due to Texas law, abundance of vendors, or technical requirements.

What is a HUB vendor and how can I find HUB vendors?

A HUB vendor is a Historically Underutilized Business. The State of Texas has classified minority or woman-owned vendors as HUB's. HUB's can be found using the Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL) or calling the Purchasing Department. There are many good HUB vendors that offer office supplies, computer parts and services, or promotional goods.

Do I have to buy from a HUB vendor?

No, departments are not required to buy from a HUB vendor due to their delegated dollar limit; however, departments are strongly encouraged to utilize HUB's and request bids from HUB vendors. It is important to make a good faith effort to assist A&M-Texarkana in meeting HUB goals regarding university expenditures.

I am having trouble with FAMIS, creating Limited or Exempt Purchase Orders, and choosing correct object codes. Where can I go for help?

FAMIS help has been provided in the Faculty & Staff Help section of this web page.

Can I sign a contract or agreement for goods or services?

No, the only person authorized to bind A&M-Texarkana into a contract for goods and/or services is the VP for Finance and Administration (Contracting Officer) or Director, Purchasing & Support Services.

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