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Curriculum and Instruction-English as a Second Language

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There are more than 1 million English Learners (ELs) in Texas schools (TEA, 2017) and more than 4.8 million across the nation (NCES, 2016). This means that a teacher will have a good chance of encountering ELs during their teaching career. Courses in the English as a Second Language (ESL) concentration are fully online and offer authentic experiences for students as they have the opportunity of practical experiences in educational settings. By being part of the ESL concentration, teachers can make a difference in their ELLs!

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A photo and quote from Candy Whitehead. Quote- "Although I've only been in the ESL course for a short time, I've already gained so much. I have a deeper insight into the struggles of minorities, and it has increased my empathy tenfold. Understanding these struggles has also helped me approach my ESL students with a newfound respect. Going forward, I look forward to not only being an ally, but an educated ally!"

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