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Graduate Studies Deadlines

From the very beginning of your graduate studies journey with us, you will need to pay attention to and meet necessary deadlines. Whether the deadline is for financial aid, scheduling courses or simply getting all of your materials in for review, we are here to help you, but the responsibility lies on your shoulders.

Here are some examples of situations that have caused our students concerns or delays in their graduate studies, and how it could have been prevented:

  • Each of our graduate degree programs uses an application process that combines multiple means and multiple measures of assessment inputs (e.g., GRE score, admissions interview, undergraduate GPA, etc.) The in-house process for the review of graduate applications is that we wait until ALL of the necessary materials are submitted before we send the application packet to the program coordinator.
  • In some cases, students have NOT submitted all of the necessary documents or the documents were late in arriving (e.g., transcripts from another institution). In these cases, students can find that their financial aid may be negatively impacted by NOT being fully accepted into a degree program.
  • Financial Aid Deadlines are critical. In some cases, we have seen students who were able to get all of their program application documents in on time but failed to complete their FASFA. Although financial aid, loans and scholarships MAY be available throughout the year - there are very important cut off points in each semester that if missed can greatly affect your possible aid package. Please make sure that you contact the one-stop (financial aid specialists) to discuss your plan and ALL timelines/deadlines for submitting the necessary documentation and applications for financial aid.
  • Classes fill up! In some instances, graduate courses (especially those that occur early in a students’ degree program) can fill. Our instruction believes that graduate courses SHOULD be limited in numbers and if you delay in getting into certain courses, which CAN have an impact on your date of graduation.
  • Graduation! Yes, graduation has a deadline. The semester prior to your graduation, you will need to get with the Registrar's office to fill out the necessary graduation forms.

The goal of our deadlines is not to put up barriers to success - but rather to make sure that necessary things are done in a timely fashion. If you have questions about deadlines - please contact The Office of Graduate Studies and Research.


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