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Working in the Course Environment

link_pic.gif   Getting Started with Your Course Environment

“video.pic” Select the Page Where Users Enter Your Course

link_pic.gif Adding a Banner to Your Course Entry Point

“video.pic” Creating a Blank Page (for displaying content) on the Course Menu

“video.pic” Uploading One or More Files to Your Course

“video.pic” Adding an Avatar to Personalize Your Course Environment

Building Course Content

“doc_pic.gif” Best Practices for Course Content

“video.pic” Using the Text Editor

“video.pic” Building a Learning Module

“video.pic” Creating a Lesson Plan

“video.pic” Adding a Glossary Term

“video.pic” Creating a Tool Link

“video.pic” Adding a URL

“video.pic” Creating a Mashup

“video.pic” Attaching Course Files to a Content Item

“video.pic” Tour the Course Files Feature

Setting Permissions

“video.pic” Turning Tool Availability On and Off

“video.pic” Changing the Course Language Pack

“video.pic” Changing the User Language Pack

Reporting and Course Utilities (Videos)

“video.pic” Turning On Statistics Tracking for a Content Item

“video.pic” Running a Report of All User Activity

“video.pic” Exporting a Course Package

“video.pic” Archiving a Course

“video.pic” Importing a Course Package

Content Collection (Videos)

“video.pic” Creating a Folder in the Content Collection

“video.pic” Uploading a Zipped Package to the Content Collection

“video.pic” Downloading Files in a Zipped Package from the Content Collection

Using the Discussion Board

“video.pic” Creating a Discussion Board Forum

“video.pic” Grading a Discussion Board Forum

“video.pic” Creating a Discussion Board Thread

“video.pic” Replying to a Discussion Board Thread

“video.pic” Grading a Discussion Board Thread

“video.pic” Searching the Discussion Board and Collecting Posts

“video.pic” Managing Discussion Board Roles

“video.pic” Moderating Discussion Board Forums

Managing Group Work

“video.pic” Creating a Group

“video.pic” Creating Group Sets

Blogs and Journals

“video.pic” Creating a Journal

“video.pic” Creating and Editing Journal Entries

link_pic.gif Commenting on a Journal Entry

“video.pic” Creating a Blog

“video.pic” Creating and Editing Blog Entries

“video.pic” Commenting on a Blog Entry


“video.pic” Creating a Wiki

“video.pic” Editing a Wiki Page

“video.pic” Linking Wiki Pages

“video.pic” Viewing a Wiki Page History

“video.pic” Grading a Wiki

Announcements and Scheduling

“video.pic” Creating Announcements

“video.pic” Creating a Course Task

“video.pic” Creating a Course Contact

“video.pic” Sending Email

“video.pic” How to Send and Receive Blackboard Course Messages

Grade Center

link_pic.gif   Getting Started with the Grade Center

“video.pic” Customizing the Grade Center View

“video.pic” Creating Smart Views

“video.pic” Viewing Grade Details

“video.pic” Anonymous Grading

“video.pic” Creating a Grade Center Report

“video.pic” Creating a Grading Rubric

“video.pic” Associating a Rubric with a Gradable Item

“video.pic” Grading with Rubrics

“video.pic” Creating Calculated Grade Center Columns

“video.pic” Viewing and Downloading Grade History

“video.pic” Color Code the Grade Center

“video.pic” Working Offline with the Grade Center

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

“video.pic” Creating a Test

“video.pic” Setting Test Options (includes setting the timer for a test)

“video.pic” Reading Survey Results

“video.pic” Tour the Question Finder Feature

“video.pic” Exporting and Importing a Test or Survey

“video.pic” Uploading Test Questions from Microsoft® Excel

“video.pic” Creating a Fill in the Blank Question

“video.pic” Creating a Short Answer Question

“video.pic” Creating a True or False Question

“video.pic” Adding an Existing Question to a Test

“video.pic” Creating a Calculated Formula Question

“video.pic” Creating a Calculated Numeric Question

“video.pic” Creating an Essay Question

“video.pic” Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question

“video.pic” Creating a Hot Spot Question

“video.pic” Creating a Jumbled Question

“video.pic” Creating a Likert Question

“video.pic” Creating a Multiple Answer Question

“video.pic” Creating a Multiple Choice Question

“video.pic” Creating an Ordering Question

“video.pic” Creating a Quiz Bowl Question

“video.pic” Building a Pool

“video.pic” Creating a Random Block and Adding It to a Test


“video.pic” Using SafeAssign

“doc_pic.gif” Getting Started with Assignments

Student Performance

“video.pic” Performance Dashboard

“video.pic” Retention Center

Best Practices

“link_pic.gif” Help your students succeed

“link_pic.gif” End of Semester Checklist


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