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If no one is working in the Admissions office on campus, how do we contact them?

You can contact admissions by email or phone.  There are several staff members standing by to help you with any questions you have.  Email:  admissions@tamut.edu Phone: 903-334-6601 Fax: 903-223-3140 

How will you be accepting transcripts for admissions currently and for final transcripts, can they be emailed to a specific person and if so who would that be?

At this time, due to COVID-19, we will be accepting emailed high school transcripts as official. These transcripts will be considered official as long as the email comes from a school official using a school email account.  As always, transcripts can be sent electronically (secure portal), fax (from the school), or the US mail and still be considered official.

Email: admissions@tamut.edu  Fax: 903-223-3140 Mail:  7101 University Ave, Texarkana, TX 75503

What is the current start date for Fall 2020?

August 24 – December 9

How will you accommodate students that are unable to take the ACT or SAT for admissions?

We have adjusted our admissions standards so that every applicant will be evaluated first on our current standards and then by our COVID-19 standards.  The COVID-19 standards allow all applicants with a 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale to be admitted and all applicants who are in the top 30% of their graduating class to be admitted.  Students who are missing their ACT or SAT scores, that do not meet either set of standards, and have a high school transcript on file will be sent to a review board.  The review board will holistically review the students file and make a determination for admission. We will waive the requirement for students to submit ACT or SAT scores from this point forward unless the student discloses they have indeed tested. 

When are students hearing about financial aid? 

We are currently awarding Financial Aid packages and have since mid-February. Once a student submits all of their missing Financial Aid documents, they are typically awarded within a week. Students receive notice that they are awarded via their AceMail account (university email). It is pertinent that student’s check their Acemail for any updates regarding missing Financial Aid documents.

What is the last day for students to confirm they will be attending TAMU Texarkana?

We currently do not have a hard deadline as to when students have to commit to attending and have rolling admissions. However, we strongly suggest they sign up for our orientation and housing as soon as possible so they don’t miss out on important notifications due to COVID-19.

Can the application fee be waived if we are able to send an email stating the student qualifies for a waiver, if so who would the point of contact on the campus for that?

Yes, an email from the counselor or school administrator stating that the student qualifies for an application fee waiver, it will be sufficient. You can send those emails to admissions@tamut.edu.

What is the process for TSI testing now? If a student was/is asked to take TSI but is now unable due to the current status of the country, are you still requiring it prior to registration?

Due to the COVID-19, we are temporarily testing remotely for TSI Assessments using Examity, until further notice. Please follow this link to complete assessment(s). Students MUST adhere to Examity's rules and policies.

Who do students provide proof of meningitis shot to?

Students can email the proof by any means available to them. We do prefer they log into their Web for Students account where they can upload the proof themselves, but we will also take it by email, fax or US mail. Make sure they know it has to be administered within 5 years prior to the start of Fall 2020 classes.

If potential students, or their families, were personally affected by COVID-19 (i.e. ill, lost income, lost job), will you increase financial aid or scholarship?

We cannot increase financial aid across the board. If a family loses income because of COVID-19, they can complete a special conditions form that will allow us to reprocess their financial aid and possibly become eligible for a Pell grant when they once not eligible.  Our special condition forms explains what documents are needed based on each type of circumstance.

Will your housing deposit and selection deadlines be changed?

As for housing deadlines, we have a rolling deadline. The $100 application fee will be waived until May 1st.

Do you have virtual tours to offer students since most campus tours have stopped?
We have a college tour page, please visit this link. 

If you offered summer programs, will the programs still run as scheduled?
Yes. We will hold all sessions of summer classes online.  Registration for these summer session begins on April 20th. Both full and first summer terms begin on June 1st. Summer II five-week session begins July 6th.


  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
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