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Meet the Recruiters


How do I check-in? Call our Enrollment Services at 903-334-6601 upon arrival to BASS Building to check-in for your tour.
Where will check-in be? Check-in will be inside of BASS Building on the first floor. An Admissions staff member or tour guide will greet you on the first floor and provide your Admissions information, check you in, and answer any questions you have before your tour begins.
Do I have to wear a mask? Yes. Mask will not be provided. If a mask is not worn, a person is not allowed to go on the tour. You must fully cover both nose and mouth. Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face and allow for breathing without restriction. Include multiple layers of material and contain no open valves.
Will there be group tours? Due to the widespread nature of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to adhere to CDC guidelines, group tours have been canceled until further notice.
Will I be able to meet with other departments and professors? Unfortunately, not at this time. Our faculty and most staff are still working remotely, but we will provide you with the contact information with that department/professor. Most are open to zoom meeting.

Note:  In-person tours will not be able to tour inside classrooms, the library, or the residence halls.


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Telvin James - Freshman Admissions Counselor

Telvin James

Territories: East Texas and Oklahoma
Phone: 903-334-6729
Email: tjames@tamut.edu

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Alana Briley - Freshman Admissions Counselor

Alana Briley

Territories: Local Area Schools, Arkansas and Louisiana
Phone: 903-243-9531
Email: abriley@tamut.edu

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Ambrosia Roach - Freshman Admissions Counselor

Ambrosia Roach

Territories: Austin & San Antonio, TX, Out-of-State
Phone: 903-223-3172
Email: aroach@tamut.edu

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Natalie McGuire - Freshman Admissions Counselor

natalie mcguire

Territories: DFW Metroplex
Phone: 903-334-3729
Email: nmcguire@tamut.edu

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Kim Ganado - Freshman Admissions Counselor
kim ganado

Territories: Houston Metroplex
Phone: 870-818-8679
Email: kganado@tamut.edu

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Jennifer Perez - Transfer Admissions Counselor

Jennifer Perez

Northeast Texas Community College and Paris Junior College Only
Phone: (903) 434-8353
Email: jperez@tamut.edu
*request appointment by email*

Katelyn Sloan - Transfer Admissions Counselor

katelyn sloan

Texarkana College and all other institutions
Phone: (903) 823-3060
Email: ksloan@tamut.edu

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Jennifer Davis - International Admissions Counselor

jennifer davis

All international students
Phone: (903) 334-6752
Email: jdavis@tamut.edu

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  • 7101 University Ave
  • Texarkana, TX 75503
  • p: 903.223.3000
  • f: 903.223.3104
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