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Here are some examples of my academic writing.

* indicates undergraduate student co-author; ** indicates graduate student co-author

Book chapters and journal articles:

Vohs, K. D., Schmeichel, B. J., Lohmann, S., Gronau, Q., Finley, A. J., Ainsworth, S. E., Alquist, J. L., Baker, M. D., Brizi, A. Bunyi, A., Butschek, G. J., Campbell, C., Capaldi, J., Cau, C., Chambers, H., Chatzisarantis, N. L. D., Christensen, W. J., Clay, S. L., Curtis, J., … Leighton, D. C., … & Albarracín, D. (2021). A multi-site preregistered paradigmatic test of the ego depletion effect. Psychological Science, 32, 1566–1581. https://doi.org/10.1177/0956797621989733

McCarthy, R. J., Gervais, W., Aczel, B., Al-Kire, R. L., Baraldo S. M., Baruh L., Basch, C., Baumert, A., Behler, A., Bettencourt, A., Bitar, A., Bouxom, H., Buck, A., Cemalcilar, Z., Chekroun, P., Chen, J. M., del Fresno- Díaz, A., Ducham, A, Edlund, J. E., … *Haley, C., … *Irumva, M., … Leighton, D. C., … & Zogmaister, C. (2021). A multi-site collaborative study of the hostile priming effect. Collabra: Psychology, 7(1). https://doi.org/10.1525/collabra.18738

Grahe, J. E., **Cuccolo, K., Leighton, D. C., & Cramblet Alvarez, L. D. (2020). Open science promotes diverse, just, and sustainable research and educational outcomes. Psychology Teaching and Learning, 19, 5–20. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/1475725719869164

Leighton, D. C., Brandt, M. J., & Kennedy, L. A. (2020). Partisanship, social media use, social support, and well-being for emerging adults during the 2016 presidential election campaign. Emerging Adulthood, 8, 285–296. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/2167696818810618

Faas, C., McFall, J., Peer, J. W., Schmolesky, M. T., Chalk, H. M., Hermann, W. J., … Leighton, D.C., … Grahe, J. (2020). Emerging adulthood MoA/IDEA-8 scale characteristics from multiple institutions. Emerging Adulthood, 8, 259–269. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/2167696818811192

Leighton, D. C., Legate, N., *LePine, S., **Anderson, S. F., & Grahe, J. (2018). Self-esteem, self-disclosure, self-expression, and connection on Facebook: A collaborative replication meta-analysis. Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research, 23, 98–109. http://dx.doi.org/10.24839/2325-7342.JN23.2.98

Leighton, D. C. (2017). Teaching empathy for schizophrenia using immersive experience. In R. L. Miller & T. Collette (Eds.), Teaching tips: A compendium of conference presentations on teaching, 2015-16 (pp. 388–391).  https://teachpsych.org/ebooks/teachingtips

Leighton, D. C. (2015). Spark enthusiasm for psychological science by integrating laboratory experiences into introductory psychology. In W. S. Altman, L. Stein, & J. R. Stowell (Eds.), Essays from E-xcellence in Teaching (Vol. 14, pp. 40–44). https://teachpsych.org/ebooks/eit2014/index.php

Suedfeld, P., Leighton, D. C., & Conway, L. G. III (2006). Integrative complexity and decision making in international confrontations. In M. Fitzduff & C. E. Stout (Eds.), The psychology of resolving global conflicts: From war to peace. Volume 1, Nature vs. nurture (pp. 211-237). Praeger Security International.

Suedfeld, P., & Leighton, D. C. (2002). Early communications in the war against terrorism: An integrative complexity analysis. Political Psychology 23, 585-599. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/0162-895X.00299

Winter, D. D., & Leighton, D. C. (2001). Structural violence. In D. J. Christie, R. V. Wagner, & D. D. Winter (Eds.), Peace, conflict, and violence: Peace psychology in the 21st century. Prentice-Hall.


Jhangiani, R. S., Chiang, I-C., Cuttler, C., & Leighton, D. C. (2019). Research methods in psychology (4th ed.) https://kpu.pressbooks.pub/psychmethods4e/  eBook ISBN: 978-1-9991981-0-7 Print ISBN: 978-1-9991981-1-4 http://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/HF7DQ

Price, P. C., Jhangiani, R. S., Chiang, I-C. A., Leighton, D. C., & Cuttler, C. (2017). Research methods in psychology (3rd American ed.). https://opentext.wsu.edu/carriecuttler/

Price, P. C., Jhangiani, R. S., Chiang, I-C. A., & Leighton, D. C. (2017). Research methods in psychology (2nd American ed.). Retrieved from https://osf.io/2j3pt/ doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/2J3PT

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