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Standout Student Jaci Roberts

Published: October 23, 2014

Standout Student Jaci Roberts Header image

Texas A&M University-Texarkana is drawing students from as far as California, but also piques the interest of local students who have grown up with our campus in their backyard. A local valedictorian from Liberty-Eylau is no exception! Jaci Rachelle Roberts graduated at the top of her class in 2014, and is now a current business student at A&M-Texarkana. Jaci has jumped in to college life head first, where she is already involved and making an impact! As valedictorian, she had many options to choose from when picking a school, and she chose to stay in her hometown, where she can begin her journey toward law school. She knew after attending Eagle Open House in the spring of 2013 that she could get the best of both worlds at A&M-Texarkana…a small campus community feel with big school resources. Jaci was recently interviewed by Texarkana Parent Magazine in recognition of her high school accomplishments, and some her responses below show a little of Jaci’s personality and her goals for the future.

-Family members name and ages for siblings
Parents: Cliff and Tina Roberts
Siblings: None

-What is your goal to achieve in education?Jaci Roberts Profile Picture

My goal is to receive my BBA in Accounting then earn my MBA before applying to law school. 

-What are your Extracurricular Activities & Hobbies?
- What is your Career Goal?
I would like to be a corporate attorney. I am hoping a strong background in accounting and finance will facilitate that goal.

In high school, I played Varsity tennis as a mixed doubles player. I enjoy the competiveness and fast paced nature of doubles. I enjoyed 6 ½ years singing Soprano I in the school choir. I enjoy making crafts off Pinterest and photography.

-Who has influenced them thus far in life?
My parents, Cliff and Tina Roberts, influenced me the most. They provided me an invaluable support system. It didn’t matter what subject or extracurricular activity I was involved in; they supported me in everything I tried.

-Advice you would give to someone who wants to be Valedictorian one day?
Do you your best in every aspect of your life. Your hard work will be recognized.

-Why do you think making good grades is important?
I think doing your best on everything is important; regardless of the grade. Good grades just happened to be the byproduct of me doing my best for me. People shouldn’t be defined by grades alone. Everyone encounters successes and failures throughout their lives.

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