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Natural Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Natural Sciences

The Department of Natural Sciences (also known as NS) is comprised of the Biology and Chemistry programs and is housed under the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education. NS offers degrees and coursework for Biology and Chemistry majors with several tracks including Pre-health, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Certification in Teacher Education. The department also offers courses for non-major biology students. Our mission is to prepare students for successful careers as health care providers, technologists, environmental scientists, leaders, and educators. Our students conduct creative and independent research under well-trained faculty in various specializations. Graduates of our programs prepare themselves for a wide range of career opportunities and gain positions in local and national healthcare organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, and industry.

Our Programs

NS seeks to understand the world around us. The department focuses on two major branches of natural sciences - biology and chemistry. Our students acquire analytical and critical thinking skills and develop an understanding of the natural world. A significant number of the natural sciences students go on for health professions schools. Others pursue advanced graduate studies leading to master’s or doctorate degrees. Our graduates enjoy a broad array of career paths that span both the public and private sectors. More information about our programs are available in the respective program pages

Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate Minors


Pre-Health Program

NS offers all the prerequisite courses for medical, pharmacy, dental, physician assistant, and physical therapy schools. Our pre-health program is designed for those students who desire to attend any of the above health professions schools upon undergraduate degree completion. The department offers one-on-one advising and other support services in order to prepare students for the often-rigorous journey in becoming a healthcare professional. More information about the pre-health program are available in the pre-health website.

Engaging beyond the Classroom

The department provides opportunities for our students to pursue research with faculty or independent studies on areas of mutual interests, acquire volunteering or shadowing experiences with local healthcare providers, engage with other students and community members, and showcase their own work through presentations at local and national conferences.