First Year Experience

First Year Experience (FYE) Program

The FYE program provides engaging activities for first-year students aimed at building a strong foundation to enhance your educational experiences and foster success.  We recognize the significance of each student's first-year experiences and will support you in reaching your academic and personal goals.

First Year Experience Top 5

1. Freshman Orientation

Freshmen student orientation, advising, and registration (SOAR) is a two-day, one night program designed to welcome our new students and accompanying parents to the A&M-Texarkana community. We host a variety of organized sessions that introduce our new students to what it means to be an A&M University-Texarkana student. Students and parents will learn about campus resources, activities, and services. This is also an opportunity for our incoming freshmen to make new friends and have FUN! Connect to our orientation page!

2. Academic Advising

Academic advisors are proactive in initiating contact students and giving them personalized attention. Academic advisors identify and address potential issues with students to ameliorate barriers to their academic success. Academic advisors facilitate bi-weekly contacts to monitor student’s academic progress. Connect with an academic advisor here.

3. Convocation

Convocation is an academic ceremony that traditionally allows newly-matriculated students to join the university community and begin their academic career among their colleagues and professors. Becoming part of the university community is an exciting event in a student’s life, and the role of the Convocation is to solemnize and celebrate that moment. Connect to our Convocation page!

4. IS 1100 University Foundations

An introductory course to higher education designed to assist you in becoming an engaged learner and high performing student within the academic community. All new freshmen are required to complete this course, and it is taught exclusively by full-time faculty. This class also reviews and debriefs the common reader for the year. 

5. First Year Experience Coaches

First Year Experience Coaches attend the IS 1100 course with students and serve as a peer connection, mentor, and guide during this transition. FYE Coaches also encourage students to engage with the FYE PEEP Program, a program to track and reward curricular and cocurricular involvement on campus.